“Yes, I Was In Dream” A Reaction to Immersive 'KPop' From a Girl Group Survivor

An immersive theatrical experience KPop not only touches on the pervasive topics of “What does it mean to be Korean” and “Why American’s will never accept Asians” but also takes you on a journey into the dark side of the music industry.

One might argue that KPop portrays the music industry in a satirical light, and unless you’ve actually been part of that scene you’d never believe how abusive and backstabbing it is. However, watching this show was enough to give me a PTSD flashback from my time spent in the pop group Dream.

"The Unrehearsed Player" : An Interview with Actor Denis Arndt

“Very seldom do you get to speak the words first,” said actor Denis Arndt on performing in the world premiere of Matthew Barber’s “Fireflies” at Long Wharf Theater, “It’s a great privilege.”

For someone who has been in the business a long time, Mr. Arndt recently has had more than a few moments of great theatrical privilege. Besides making his Long Wharf debut alongside two stage veterans, he was nominated for a Tony this summer for Simon Stephens’ two-hander “Heisenberg” with Mary-Louise Parker. It was his first Tony nomination and also his Broadway debut, an impressive career milestone made at age 77.

10 Audition Pet Peeves

Today I want to talk to you about auditions. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. As much as we want to think that auditions are the beginning of something great… Well, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their faults. Some of these are annoying things that happen because of the actors, and some of them are things the people casting you do.

A Critical Reading of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (For Fun)

There are musicals that last, and there are musicals that don't. But sometimes the musicals that last shouldn't, and the musicals that don't, should. That's not what I'm going into now, but it sets the tone for what I am going to do quite nicely. This musical has lasted in a different way to most, it is not performed as much, but it is as prevalent in the minds of some as perhaps Joseph is, or even The Lion King. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang took the wonder and excitement of musicals for children to a whole new level in the 60s, but if we take a closer look at the nuances, we can see some danger afoot. I stumbled across some interesting ideas when discussing the film 'intellectually' as a joke, and have come to realise that it doesn't take much to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a heavily layered musical with subtleties some of which need to be taken as warnings, others as socio-political commentary, and some as reasons not to let kids watch it without explaining some of the following points to them afterwards. 

Tech Week Chronicles: We Have a Show People!

Picture this: it’s the third day of tech week. You are running on hardly any sleep because, not only are you three days away from opening, but you have a job that you have to be at during the day. You are feeling overwhelmed because nothing seems to be going right and as you buy your fourth cup of coffee, you are being hopeful that tonight just might be that early night.

A Cautionary Tale of the Forgivable White Male Genius – or, What the Theatre Community Can Learn from Hugh Hefner

Let’s examine the biography of a man who lived and breathed entertainment –  a man who, by so many standards for so many years, was branded a genius. This man redefined how and what kinds of stories his community told, and was the brilliant mind behind that was credited with discovering and nurturing the careers of numerous critically lauded artists. He created an empire of not only art, but of people: he curated a personal community of followers who were brainwashed or threatened into degradation and violence for the sake of their craft. More than one woman went public about the terrifying environment that his company enforced via media exposes, nightmarish practices that went ignored for decades because of the sheer amount of power this man wielded over his artistic community.

The Misguided Musings of Okieriete Onaodowan

The original title of this piece was going to be "Please Oak, STFU", but I thought that might come off as a bit too aggressive and mean. But don't let my new title lessen how angry and disappointed I am with the Okieriete "Oak" Onaodowan's recent comments he made at a Forbes event in Boston. 

I'm not a Broadway performer, never have been. So I'm not sure of the unwritten rules performers have among themselves. But regardless, Oak broke some with me. The first being, don't throw dirt on a previous production by using it as an example of what's wrong when in reality, they did it right. 

The Top 10 Musical Theatre Programs in the Country for 2017-18

For theatre students, where you attend can certainly have an impact on your career with the type of training you receive. It's also important to note that while each school listed here is excellent, a college degree doesn't guarantee success nor is one required to become successful in this industry. 

Here at OnStage, we take months to research the best BFA programs to come up with our own lists. We base it off cost vs. scholarships, curriculum, performance opportunities, facilities, the experience of faculty, career support, everything you yourself would consider before making a college choice. We even have gone as far to call admission offices to ask them questions. 

Once we collect all of the data, it's loaded into a matrix scoring system which determines where schools are ranked. Trust us when we say that some of the results even surprised us.