"A Secretary is Not a Toy": Normalizing Sexual Misconduct on Stage

The 1961 Broadway musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, follows an ambitious window washer’s ascent up the corporate ladder.  Along with “Coffee Break” and “It’s Been a Long Day,” another of the show’s memorable songs is “A Secretary is Not a Toy.”  In this scene, the company personnel manager gives a speech to the male employees; “Gentlemen. Gentlemen./ A secretary is not a toy/ No, my boy, not a toy/ To fondle and dandle and playfully handle/ In search of some puerile joy./ No, a secretary is not,/ Definitely not, a toy.” 

Three Reasons Why Your Theatre Degree Isn’t Useless

These perceptions towards theatre degrees are disappointing for a variety of reasons. Obviously, these sorts of comments are far from uplifting.

But the big point I would like to drive home is the fact that theatre degrees are nowhere near as useless as people think they are. Sure, you’re not going to be an engineer or a teacher, but the truth is, these degrees teach valuable life lessons that can be used in other careers and realms beyond those of theatre.

Some of these vital skills learned are: