My Broadway Audition

Lisa Bailey / Columnist One chilly, Saturday morning in Chicago, I found myself at the Actor’s Equity building waiting in line to audition for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Doors opened at 9:30 and when I signed in, I was already number 130. Standing in line, I surveyed the room and saw many women dressed to the nines – hair and makeup done and cute dresses. This was my thought process – Carole King isn’t a flashy person also, it’s freezing. So I was there in a nice shirt and jeans with minimal make up and comfortable as can be. I still think it was a solid decision.

My audition time wasn’t until 3PM and since I was in Chicago with some friends, we decided to leave and I would come back later for the audition. I do think that if I had been there alone, I would have hung around just to chat more with others that were there. I met some really nice people while waiting the small amount of time I was there.

I arrive back to the building and we are the first group to be seen after the casting director had been to lunch. Numbers 121-130 lined up outside the door and one by one, in we went. So when I was there first thing in the morning, I didn’t really feel any nerves. As I was standing there waiting to go in, I could feel every nerve in my body going crazy. I was about to audition for a Broadway show!

I walk in to the audition room and feel nothing but pure excitement! I see the casting directory and we exchanged pleasantries and I spoke with the pianist about the song I was singing. I get in my spot and break into song. I debated until the night before what I was going to sing and I finally settled on the title of the show “Beautiful”. I think I get a happy glow when I sing it and I know I can sing it well. I get through the chorus and first verse and that was it. I was told I sounded great and thanks so much for coming out. That was real life. I AUDITIONED FOR A BROADWAY MUSICAL.

If you didn’t get told right then and there that you had a callback, you could’ve received an email later that day. Sadly, I did not receive that email but you know what? I had such an incredible experience that I’m not going to let that one detail ruin it. It’s just fueled the fire and I’m ready to get out to New York City and audition more. Hopefully someday, I can write a piece about how I was cast in my first Broadway show.

Until next time… I’m just going to look at the audition postings on Playbill.

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