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Our site is interested in telling the stories that deserve more attention, sharing the honest opinion even if it's the unpopular one and exposing the truth however harsh it may be. 

We're going to make you nod your head in approval and shake your head in disgust. But we're always going to make you think. 

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OnStage features writers and critics from all over the world. From New York to Los Angeles to the United Kingdom and Canada. 

The OnStage writers are actors, directors, writers, designers, fans and most importantly rebels. They write with their own voice and honesty. 


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Chris Peterson - Chris founded OnStage Blog in May of 2014 with the intention of blogging about theatre in his hometown. Since then the site has expanded to cover theatre on an international level. His work has been featured and mentioned in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Mashable, Yahoo Lifestyle and The New Yorker. He works in New York City and resides in East Haddam, CT. 

Business Manager

Greg Ehrhardt - Greg has over 10 years of experience in Print and Online Marketing.An alumni of the University of Connecticut, he's had his fair share of experience in theatre as well once playing Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew where he co-starred with Chris Peterson. He currently resides in Prospect, CT with his wife and daughter. 

Chief New York Theatre Critic

David Roberts - David has been a critic for OnStage Blog since 2014 and promoted to Chief New York Theatre Critic in 2016. David brings his experience as an English Literature, Playwriting and Composition teacher to assess the structure and literary value of a performance. With his partner, Joseph Verlezza, they created Theatre Reviews Limited, which was originally launched in 1997 as one of the first online websites dedicated to reviewing Broadway, Off and Off-Off Broadway, Cabaret, and Theatre Festivals in New York City. David will be reviewing theatre productions in New York City. David is a member of the Outer Critics Circle.

Chief Connecticut Theatre Critic

Tara Kennedy - Tara has been a contributing critic for OnStage Blog since 2015 and promoted to Chief Connecticut Theatre Critic in 2016. In addition to her long history of performing on stage, Ms. Kennedy holds a BA in Art History from Northwestern University, an MLIS/CAS in Library Science/Preservation and Conservation Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MS in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven. Tara is a member of the Connecticut Critics Circle.

OnStage Blog News Division

Kerry Breen is a senior communications major with a dual concentration in journalism and public relations at Monmouth University, as well as an avid theater fan. She is the news and senior editor of nationally acclaimed student-run newspaper The Outlook, and the editor-in-chief of Monmouth University's online magazine The Verge. She has worked for BroadwayWorld.com as a writer and intern and been a production assistant for the Joe Iconis Christmas Extravaganza at Feinstein's/54 Below. She will also present a fan-led panel at BroadwayCon in January 2018.