BritBits 8: It’s about bloody time!

BritBits 8, a theater festival-like collection of 16 short plays “by, for or about the British”, is the latest in Mind The Gap Theatre’s ongoing series but this time, BritBits will be performed before a live theater audience at a new private 30-seat venue in Manhattan’s Chelsea district and simultaneously webcast – that is, streamed over the internet - to online webcast viewers around the world. Prospective theater-goers should submit a request for a seat in the live theater by emailing:  The limited seating is allocated on a first come/first served basis and live audience members will be given the exact Chelsea NYC street address with their emailed seat confirmation.  Easily reached via subway: #1 @ 28th St &  7th Ave., C @ 23rd & 8th Ave., F @ 23rd & 6th Ave. and R @ 28th and Broadway.

Prospective Webcast Viewers should register on the website. Webcast Viewer registration is unlimited in numbers (wherever thoughtful and entertaining theatre on the internet is not blocked or censored [sic]).

Admission to both the live and online performances is completely FREE.  However, tax-deductible* donations to support and develop this work are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Plays to perform in rep are:

A BRIT BIT by Ben Bergin, COCKNEY SHAKESPEARE by Zoe Watkins, HIGHTIDE by Bronwen Denton-Davis, DREAM TIM by David Lee White, DADDY ISSUES, WOMEN WHO SEEM NICE and JACK ABOUT ACTING by Thomas David Burns Scully, WALKER and CLEARANCE by Fiona Whitelaw, THE PROPOSAL UPDATE by Daniel Johnson, THAT JOKE by Matthew Wilkie, THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE by Camilla Maxwell, A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Ian Kershaw,  READY YET TO TAKE, FOR THE HEART TO STAND by Mark O’Neil, THE ART OF TEA by Daniel Damiano, and STRUCK by Isley Lynn.

Performers include Hugh Buller, Thomas David Burns Scully, Raquel Cion, Liz Curtis, Daniel Damiano, Clemmie Evans, Billy Giacci, Victoria Jeffreyǂ, Helen McMillan, Natasha Nightingale, Duncan Pflaster, James Physick, Claire Sanderson, Amy Scanlon, Sophie Sorensen, Hugo Trebels ǂ, Zoe Watkins & Fiona Whitelawǂ

ǂ cast members coming from London for this event

The live performances  will be directed by Mind The Gap Theatre’s Artistic Director Paula D’Alessandris, Laura Hooper & Hugo Trebels.

BRITBITS 8’s webcasting will be directed by VGrafLive’s Senior Producer, Michael Frenchman with VGrafLive’s production team

PERFORMANCE DATES: BritBits 8 runs Thursdays – Saturdays, April 9-25 at 7:30pm with special added matinees on Saturday, April 11 & April 25 and Sunday, April 19 @ 3pm

To maintain the immediacy of live Theatre and give Webcast Viewers convenient access times around the world, the webcast of each unique live performance can be viewed live simultaneously and as a recording for the day thereafter when it will be replaced by the next live performance.

BritBits8 is the inaugural co-production between Mind the Gap Theatre and VideografLive.

MIND THE GAP THEATRE Is NYC’s premiere British Theatre company which exists to produce and promote new British writing in the US and to foster an exchange of new work between the US and UK.  (* MTG is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.)

VGrafLive produces live internet webcasts of quality performances and presentations in the arts and sciences, video’d before a live audience in its brand new studio theater,

For more information please contact:

For Mind The Gap Theatre: Paula D’Alessandris, 646.283.4366, , Facebook: Mind-The-Gap-Theatre, Twitter: @mindthegapny               

For VgrafLive: Michael Frenchman, 212-242-7871, info@,, Facebook: VgrafLive, Twitter: @VGrafLive