Do you believe in magic? I do

Dekontee Tucrkile

There is something beautiful about buying a ticket to a live theatre performance, whether it be a musical or straight play. You plan your entire day around the fact that you are going to see a show that night. Once it hits 4pm you know you race to get ready and head to dinner before the show.  At 7pm you make your way to the theater, with child­like anticipation, stand in line at will call, and finally receive your tickets. Your heart skips a beat when your ticket is scanned at the door and the friendly usher hands you the playbill. As you make your to seat you can’t help but smile, because you know the next two hours are going to be life changing. The house goes to half, the curtain rises and you are whisked away to another world.  
Currently,I am sitting in my room and listening to Hamilton for the 100th time. I am working on memorizing the Lafayette rap “Guns and Ships” (I know you all are too). During this late night rap session something profound dawned on me; I am in love with live theatre. I mean I LOVE live theatre. I am borderline obsessed with all things Broadway. I am that kid who watches behind the scene videos for hours wishing that I was friends with the people in my favorite shows. I engage in  endless discussions with my cast mates about who should win at the Tony Awards or which national tour we want to see at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I have a collection of playbills in my closet that takes up an entire shelf. Most of people I follow on social media are from the Broadway community (like I said before I like to pretend we are friends). I have no shame in admitting that I have practiced what I would say if I was interviewed on “Show People.”  
To be honest I wouldn’t want to live any other way. I believe magic truly happens at the theatre. It doesn’t matter if it is a 99­ seat room or the Gershwin Theatre in New York City from the moment you arrive at the venue, the space captivates your heart. It’s not going to see a film or even a live tv taping. Theatre provides a different essence that is unmatched by any other medium.  
For one thing, think about the amount of work that goes into 30 seconds of dancing. Think about the amount of people who are working their butt off to make sure no cue goes unmissed. Think about the fact that humans like you and me bear their souls in front of thousands of people night after night. Think about the fact that the audience never sees the controlled chaos backstage. That is magic.  
Taking a line from one of my favorite musical  “we’ve got magic to do, just for you.”