5 Times Raúl Esparza Blew Our Minds

Chris Peterson

I just had an interesting conversation with someone that compelled me to write this. We were talking about our mutual love for Law & Order: SVU and then this happened. 

Woman - I love the guy who plays the ADA. 

Me - Raúl Esparza, he's great. I loved him in Company as well. 

Woman - Company? 

Me - (Dreading where this might go) Yeah, the Broadway revival in 2006.

Woman - He was on Broadway? 

I didn't slam her for not knowing that Raúl Esparza is one of the better every-man Broadway lead actors in the past 20 years. He hasn't been on Broadway since Leap of Faith bombed and L&O:SVU is by far the highest profile role he's had. 

But I'm glad I had this conversation because it prompted me to go back and look at Esparza's incredible talents on stage. Here are 5 of them. 

Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Show

How he sang it like this more than one night a week is only a testament to this man's talent. 

Defying Gravity 

I mean....seriously?!?!?!

La Gloria Eres Tu

He is Cuban American after all. 

Petrified  - Taboo

I always thought Taboo got a bad rap. It's not nearly as bad as critics claimed it was, and this was probably the best song in the entire show. 

Being Alive - Company

I will always argue that when it comes to nuance and understanding the character, this is the best performance of the song....ever. 

Come back to Broadway soon Mr. Esparza.