Competition in Community Theatre Is A Good Thing

Chris Peterson

Last year OnStage held our first critics awards which honored outstanding productions and performances in the area. To say that this created a stir might be an understatement. So much that a couple of local theatre companies, asked not to be included in this year's contention, out of fear that this would create negative competition between theatres. 

While that feeling is justified, I've always thought that competition between theatres is actually a good thing.

Being the operator of this blog, I am extremely competitive. I want this blog to be the biggest and best in the world. Will it happen? I'm realistic enough to know that it won't. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to keep trying. Because I know that if I'm trying to be the best, you ,the readers, will get the best content I can provide. So if you're in charge of a theatre company, why would you not apply the same principle to your own theatre?

If you're trying to be the best, your audience will get the best you can give to them. Now this is not to say that you're not already giving it your best, but if you're competing to be the best, even if it's against your past success, you're going to be producing the best shows in the area. 

Can competition turn negative? Sure. But that's why you need to set the philosophy that while trying to be the best, not to put down others in doing so. 

So create impossible goals and stay competitive, if you keep reaching, your going to produce your best work.