Why I'm Glad I Married An Accountant

Natalie Solomon

Up until I met my husband, I had never seriously dated anyone outside of my theatre friends. In high school, I dated the Shakespearean, the Dramatist, and the Comedian. In college, I dated the Improviser, the Male Ingénue, and the Director. The thought of dating someone with no association in the arts just seemed wrong. That’s why, when a roommate brought over a guy from her business classes – “He’s an Accounting major, and he’s got money in stocks, so you know he’s probably already rich!” – my ‘Bohemian spirit’ was revolted. How could anyone so boring and responsible be able to keep up with the hectic, non-stop lifestyle I’d grown accustomed to?

As you may have surmised, everything worked out in the end. My husband and I have been married for almost three years now, and even my ‘Bohemian spirit’ is happy with the choices I’ve made. By no means am I trying to discount theatre couples. I’ve personally got friends who are ‘power couples’ in the industry, but it’s not a partnership that would have worked for me.

To put it simply, I’m the drama queen of our relationship. Before my husband, everyone I’d dated was just as high-energy and theatrical as I was. People who are drawn to the arts also tend to be the most intense and passionate people I’ve ever met. That being said, I don’t have the personality to handle two attention-hoarders in one marriage. My wonderful, practical, quiet husband understands that I will always take control of the conversation. I can’t help it! He knows that if I’ve heard a funny story then he’ll get to hear it too, at the next six parties we attend. He loves my many moods, and he knows when it’s time to bring me back down to earth. Without my rock, I would just be a kite flying away.

Not only am I dramatic, I’m jealous too. If I married an actor and he rose to success more quickly than I did, it would be hard not to feel pangs of envy. I know couples can, and do, make it work, but I love that my husband and I can support each other’s careers fully, knowing that they will never intermingle.

On top of being dramatic and prone to jealousy, I’m a showoff. Because our professions are so different, my husband and I are always able to teach each other something new. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love learning how to do my own taxes (and I know for a fact that my husband isn’t as fascinated by “daily Shakespeare trivia” as I am), but putting forth an effort to care about each other’s interests brings us closer together. I love taking him to plays and being able to answer his questions about why and how Les Misérables is still relevant. It just wouldn’t be as fun to share my theatrical knowledge if he already knew Shakespeare’s plays were originally all-male casts!

My husband and I are very different people; he keeps me grounded while I help him fly a little higher. And at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade my accountant for all the Lin-Manuel Mirandas in the world.