It Looks Like "Theater Mode" is Not Coming to iPhone

Chris Peterson

OnStage Editor-in-Chief

Earlier in the month, I reported on the rumor that Apple was going to be introducing a new feature on its IOS update called "Theater Mode". This would be a mode where your screen would darken and silence notifications. While it would certainly eliminate the annoying glow of a phone in a dark theatre not to mention the sound of incoming calls and texts, it would encourage people to utilize their devices during live performances. 

However thankfully,  after Apple recently released the first iOS 10.3 public beta for developer testing, it looks like there is no sign of "Theater Mode". 

According to, which got its hands on the beta, most of the updates center around security and Car Play features. However according to Apple documentation, "theatre mode" maybe be available for iWatch.

One can only speculate on why "Theater Mode" isn't included in the IOS update. Whatever the reason, I'm glad that it's not on there. 

The theatre industry has been contantly battling against the use of devices during performances. The last thing they need is a tech update that makes it easier to text in the middle of Act One.