How Theatre Can Empower Female Audiences

Bety Sotomayor

OnStage Mexico Columnist

As a girl, it is hard to develop confidence in this media obsessed world. Thankfully, among the many things you can find in theatre, self-acceptance has always been my favorite, theatre for me has always been like a mirror, whether performing or attending to a performance, there's always that moment in which you can see yourself in another person, in another character.

There are tons of characters that help you develop confidence, things you thought no one else could possibly know how it feels, you see them, reflected in someone else. You are not alone anymore.

It would be impossible for me to make a complete list of all the characters that have somehow had an impact on my life, but here are some characters that, in my humble opinion, empower female audiences in specific.

The female leads from Rent:

The most important thing I've learned from Mimi, Maureen and Joanne is that love doesn't make you weak, instead, loving someone else is an extraordinary act that requires courage and bravery, however it is important that first you know how to love yourself.

Jenna from Waitress:

We are constantly told that we must have a plan, a detailed plan of how our life will go, however it is completely fine to be lost sometimes, to not know which way to go next, it will happen, there will be moments when you don't even recognize yourself, but just like Jenna, you will always find your way up again.

Glinda & Elphaba from Wicked:

On this day and age, it's difficult to know how you are supposed to be, and that's the beauty of these characters, because they make us realize we don't have to be a certain way or another, you can be like a good or a bad witch, or even both, the important thing is to know that you are not alone in the fight, your sisters will always be by your side.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show

There is no better example of self-love than Frank n’ Furter, and this simple phrase defines everything he stands up for, everything we should all stand up for, pursuing your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem, if you can dream it, you have to work hard until you be it.

And of course, I couldn’t leave out The Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton

Because let us never forget the powerful woman who have contributed to shape the world we live in.

Now tell me, which characters have empowered you?