6 Theatre-related Drinking Games!

Brad Pontius

WARNING! On Stage does not condone underage drinking! We also recommend legally imbibing on a safe level, so drink responsibly and don’t die!

We are children of Dionysus, God of Theatre! …And Wine! Look at any thespian portrayed in popular culture and you’re probably going to see them drinking at some point. Usually just a glass of wine after a rough day. It’s actually become a stereotype among some circles that actors have a hard time not grabbing a drink after rehearsal or auditions. So why not have fun with it? Here is a list of Theatre-themed drinking games to enjoy at the next cast party, the next time you go to the Theatre or when you pop in the next movie musical (but you get bonus points for a live show that sells drinks)! Have fun, but be safe!

1.)    WINE AND BEER! The Rent Drinking Game

Grab a lot of cheap wine and/or beer and settle down to watch every High School Thespian’s favorite angst-filled production! Take a drink when…

·         Someone sings La Vie Boheme. In the show or near you.

·         Someone says “I should tell…” and then doesn’t talk about it.

·         Maureen flirts or is otherwise a bad significant other.

·         Angel and Collins are the best couple ever.

·         Mark films or Roger plays guitar.

·         Benny is a money-grubbing jerk.

·         Anyone complains about life in general.

2.)    The Disney Drinking Game

Disney has made some of the best animated and live-action musicals of the past century, and has brought a lot of it to the stage. But it’s not just for kids! Sit back, enjoy a magical time and drink whenever…

·         A Disney Princess hates her life and wants to change it/avoid her responsibilities.

·         The villain gets an awesome show-stopping song.

·         That villain also gets a gruesome (probably implied) death.

·         Whenever the two main characters fall in love – take two if it’s love at first sight.

·         A sidekick (Genie, Mushu, Lafou, etc) sings about their friendship or tries to help their partner. Two if they fail miserably.

·         One or more parents of a main character are dead or referenced.

·         The main character’s name is said.

3.)    Oh What Beautiful Booze! The Rogers and Hammerstein Drinking Game:

Everyone enjoys the good old Golden Age musicals now and then. Sure they’re a bit outdated but Rogers and Hammerstein’s material is still beautiful! To cope with the original musical Theatre, drink whenever…

·         A female character isn’t empowered enough.

·         Someone sings about love.

·         Someone sings a ballad or soliloquy.

·         The show tries to tackle a social issue (racism, sexism, etc)

·         Someone sings about resisting change.

·         Someone sings about something entirely unimportant to the plot.

·         Every time the setting (Siam, Oklahoma, etc) is referenced.

4.)    Thespians! Theatre Conversation Drinking Game

There’s nothing quite like taking a break after rehearsal – usually in a bar. You don’t have to watch anything for this one, just get together with your Theatre Friends and take a drink when…

·         Anyone complains about CATS. If multiple people do it, take one per person that complains.

·         Someone bursts into song because they were reminded of the lyrics in conversation. Or says a line from the show because it reminded               them of it.

·         Someone relates a ‘Theatre War Story’, in which something from an old production went wrong.

·         The dancer of the group idly dances while standing/waiting.

·         Someone raves about their favorite actor/design/choreography.

·         Someone is still in stage makeup.

·         Someone says the theatrical “Thank you” in response to something.

·         Someone finds glitter still on their person.

·         Someone has a mic-tape hickey or other mark from rehearsal.

5.)    Raise a Glass! The Hamilton Drinking Game

The smash hit, Hamilton, has swept the nation and the Theatre World by storm. This one doesn’t even need to be watched (because good luck getting tickets) you can play while listening to the soundtrack! Take a drink whenever…

·         Someone in the show is drunk/drinking.

·         Someone challenges someone else to a duel.

·         A fight between the Founding Fathers ensues or Washington reprimands someone for it.

·         Anyone references Hamilton’s need to constantly write.

·         King George sings.

·         Someone references their time in the war.

·         Anyone sings about the world they’re in now or where they’ve started.

·         Jefferson is charming but also a jerk.

6.)    Life is a Cabaret! Fosse Drinking Game

A Fosse show is any production that had Bob Fosse’s hand in the choreography. You can tell from the insanely precise movement and usually the raunchy themes (Cabaret, Chicago, Pippin, etc). Life is a cabaret, old chum, so drink up when…

·         Sex is referenced or is important to the plot/song.

·         Drugs are referenced or important to a character.

·         Someone smokes a cigarette.

·         Act 2 is inevitably darker and rips the rug out from under you.

·         The lead character does something unscrupulous or unlikable.

·         Someone turns out to be bisexual or gay.

That’s all for this list! Be sure to tell us your favorite Theatre-related drinking games. And remember, drink responsibly!

Raise a glass to freedom!


Brad Pontius is a 23 year old actor and playwright from Cincinnati, OH living in NYC. He has performed in various stage productions and has graduated from Indiana University of South Bend with a BFA in Performance. He has also trained with the New York Theatre Intensives and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.