An Open Letter to Sexual Predators Within the Theatre


To those who have used the theatre to sexually victimize others, 

You probably saw the story that came out yesterday regarding Ben Vereen

I hope it got you thinking. I hope a little bit of panic entered your head. Because it should be.

This is just the beginning. There are pillars in the theatre industry that were built on years of sexual abuse and harassment and they are going to crumble. 

In addition to connecting victims(and the bravest people I’ve ever met) with law enforcement and mental health professionals as requested, I'm also working right now with responsible and excellent journalists on things that will come out when they're ready to be published.

I don't say this to be salacious or for self-promotion. It's a warning. It's a warning to those in this city and abroad who have built successful and legendary careers in the theatre all the while victimizing others for sexual purposes.

If you know you've done this, believe me, I know you have too.

Using your profession and industry to sexually abuse, assault or harass should have prevented you from priceless opportunities in this business.

So believe me when I say I hope the demise of your career will make way for people who would never do such a thing.

So save your money, book as many gigs as you can now, gather your residual checks, you're going to need it.

Or, admit and apologize, right now.

And if you're stressing about this, know that it's a small fraction compared to the distress you forced upon your victims for years.

This isn't a witchhunt or "Modern-Day McCarthyism", this is putting a spotlight on sexual abuse in the theatre industry and those perpetrators trying to run away from its gaze.

So get some rest, you'll probably need that too. Consult with your lawyer. And be ready for a phone call asking for comment.