8 Ways to Stay Active During a Dry Spell

  • Arianna Engnell

Staying active during a dry spell is vital for an actor. Not being in a show is no excuse for someone to stop playing (I am looking at you, students). Growing stale in your craft is a legitimate possibility, so it is best to exercise your craft to continue to grow.

1)    Work on monologues

If you are not in a show, you are auditioning for a show. Naturally, you should be keeping yourself active by working on monologues. Monologues are the most common used material for auditions. Do your research and find what monologues best suit your type and abilities. Keep experimenting with possibilities and playing.

2)    Read plays

The place to find more monologues and to help you be more prepared for auditions.

3)    Read books by theatrical practitioners

You should be constantly learning and growing. Talk to someone that you trust to recommend a book and/or a theatre practitioner. Make sure to have discernment and be attune to the nuggets of good to store and what to throw away. The “trash” that will only cause bad habits or are impossible to accomplish. Accidental geniuses create methods that only cause actor guilt.

4)    Memorize a role you do not think you’ll ever play

You would not want bad habits developed in a role you wish to play. The auditioners would rather see you than a cemented character that may not fit their vision.

5)     Go see shows

Need I say more?

6) Learn from a mentor or an acting coach

This is one of the best ways to learn as someone else can reveal your blind spots and bad habits.

7) Find new methods of self-care

A dry spell is a great time to not only experiment with acting techniques but improve your methods to maintain your mental, emotional, and physcial health while in a shows. Some shows are emotionally draining and it is important to know how to shake off the character and keep your joy alive.

8) Learn a new skill to add to your special skills on your resume

Special skills on your resume could open unexpected doors for you.

To be active is to keep learning, growing, and giving fuel to the fire that spurred you to pursue theatre in the first place. There is never a better than now to be better than you were yesterday. So go, do, play, and keep your joy in and love of theatre alive.