What Exactly is the Perfect Monologue?

Morgan Goad

  • Student Columnist 

Okay, stop for a second and just imagine with me.
You see a post online about upcoming auditions for a musical or play. You look closer: it's your favorite show!! You know that you have to get that special part, or else you'll be devastated. So you look at what you have to prepare for the audition.

A one-two minute monologue.

Naturally, of course, you start going through the monologues that you already know. But none of them seem good enough- you know this has to be the perfect audition, with the perfect monologue.

Now, back to reality. What exactly is the perfect monologue?

There's no simple question to this answer; there's a lot of factors that play in. For example, the genre of play, which character you're hoping for, etc.

Now, let's say the character that you're hoping to get is peppy and happy all the time. Well, you wouldn't want to act out a sad, depressing, cold type of monologue, would you? It wouldn't show off that you can play and create that character! The same thing goes the other way as well; if you want a depressed, sad character, you wouldn't use a happy, funny monologue to portray the character you want.

Basically, choose a monologue that portrays the character you want.

Now, if you don't want a certain character, there are other ways to go about choosing a monologue. First, make sure that you're educated on the production you're auditioning for. Maybe read a synopsis of it, or, if you want to go all out, find the musical on YouTube and watch it. Then choose a monologue that has the same genre type as the production.

And if none of these work for you, there are STILL ways that you can pick the perfect monologue that shows who you are as an actor!

Choose something that's entertaining. Something that will keep their attention, make them laugh, and make an imprint. Choose a monologue that's easy for you, that "fits you like a glove", as they say. Make sure you don't choose a monologue that's too long, or else they'll get bored and you'll lose their attention.

Most importantly, no matter what monologue that you choose, just have fun with what you're doing. Show them who you are, be true to your character, and you won't have any problems.