Why We Need "Skintight"

Gianna Principe 

This past Sunday I had the amazing pleasure of seeing Skintight. It's the new Off-Broadway play written by Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews, Significant Other). It follows Jodi Issac a middle-aged woman whose marriage falls apart after her now ex-husband leaves her for a younger woman. Left to pick up the pieces she visits her father for a weekend only to find her father is in a relationship with a much younger man who may or may not have secrets of his own. 

 (Joan Marcus)

(Joan Marcus)

Jodi is played by the wonderfully talented Idina Menzel. Menzel brings all of her acting talents in a very nuanced role. A role that has a powerful impact on the way women may see themselves. There were many scenes where Jodi is impacted by the things happening around her and reacts in not so nice ways but doing so without making herself a villain. You could see where her motives and wants lie. The way she struggles with her image and her body is very relatable to people everywhere. Without giving too much away, the part I related to the most was where she was so nervous about feeling fat in her dress. I have felt that many times myself and seeing her say that made me feel like I was looking in a mirror. 

Jack Wetherall plays Elliot, Jodi's father. Who, throughout the play tries to help Jodi in any way he can. They play some sort of foil to each other's character. Like father like daughter. I loved the design of his character like he is the parallel of Jodi's ex yet his explanation he gives has so much heart to it. 

I love the message that Harmon has in this story. The topics of beauty, sex, and love vs lust are woven strongly throughout the play.  At the end of the day we look at beauty as this be all end all thing that will make or break us but really it's about the natural beauty we have both inside and out that attracts people to other people. 

This show couldn't have come at a better time where beauty is at the center of everything. So I encourage you to go see Skintight if you can! The show sadly closes on August 26th so don't miss out!