How Does the Broadway Transfer of "Be More Chill" Impact This Year's Tonys Race?

(Maria Baranova)

(Maria Baranova)


Just like many of its devoted fans, I had my hopes that if this summer's Off-Broadway run of Be More Chill was successful, we could be seeing a Broadway transfer sooner than later. 

Yesterday, our hopes were answered. Be More Chill opens on Broadway in March 2019. 

The Off-Broadway run which was met with positive reviews should be able to carry that momentum into their Broadway run. I don't expect them to change much between the productions. Which means that Be More Chill would definitely have to be considered a strong contender for this year's Tony Awards (Take a breath BMC fans), especially when you consider how the rest of the season looks on paper. 

Needless to say the 2018-19 Broadway musical season hasn't gotten off to the start many had hoped. Pretty Woman and Gettin' the Band Back Together have been ripped by critics with the latter already posting its closing notice. Head Over Heels fared slightly better with critics but has struggled to gain commercial traction. Frankly, I'd be surprised Pretty Woman and Head Over Heels make it to New Year's Day, let alone June 2019. 

The rest of the season leaves a lot to be desired as well. The Cher Show wasn't exactly embraced during its out-of-town tryout with even Cher saying that the show needed a lot of work. King Kong also has gone through its own massive reworking and their early song releases didn't elicit much excitement. So that leaves The Prom (which I think might be the dark horse of the season) and Tootsie composed by the red-hot David Yazbek. 

While critical darlings Hadestown and Miss You Like Hell have rumors swirling of a Broadway transfer, nothing official has been set in stone yet. Without them, it's fair to say that Be More Chill might have a fun night come June 9th.