The Necessity of "The Hidden Ones"

Melody Nicolette




These are words that I wrote down while thinking about and plotting out this write-up for THE HIDDEN ONES NYC. In my notes I had even underlined “Necessary.”

Very rarely do we come across a piece of theatre that has ever been so necessary, and I wanted to take my time and handle this one with as much care as possible. Very rarely have I been so moved from or in awe of any production as I am of THE HIDDEN ONES.

THE HIDDEN ONES is going to be remembered for being one of the finest pieces of theatre, and art, of our lifetimes; the power of its relevance is palpable. It is uniquely and deeply moving, and haunting, experience.

THE HIDDEN ONES is a new production opening in early October of this year. Set in the days  of the waning Second World War, 12 audiences members are ushered into an immersive world of those forced into hiding. THE HIDDEN ONES is a story of love, hope, humanity, faith and the deadly power of silence, made even more potently raw by the dialog taken directly from first-hand historical accounts. THE HIDDEN ONES is masterfully conceived, written and rendered.

A lot of projects (mostly within the television and film sectors) within the last several years have been more exploitative, cringe-worthy attempts to be “topical” than they are in actually doing very much good in adding to the greater discussion or creating dialog-- less cautionary tale and more cash cow. Even the “immersive” staging is the new vogue, and many new Off-Broadway productions are tapping into this new market (some more masterfully than others).

THE HIDDEN ONES is neither gimmicky nor high-handed in its delivery; it’s not out to capitalize or monetize our traumas. There’s no forced pathos. Its immersive element is an ingenious choice with lasting psychological and emotional impact.  It wants you to never forget atrocities that happened in the past, nor today’s events that will become tomorrow’s historical traumas. THE HIDDEN ONES is a story of yesterday, but is a story of today as well. It wants to make sure that these stories are remembered, and never forgotten. It wants to remind all of us that we are all vulnerable, that just because it might not be us, it could still at any time be us.

We are them, and they are us.


The Hidden Ones
An Intimate Immersive Experience
Created by Anthony Logan Cole (Les Miserables, CURIOSITIES) and choreographed by Lorna Ventura (All Shook Up, Nice Work). Produced by Jess Weiss with Erin Soler, John Lant, Tyler Oberle, and Janelle Lawrence/Broad Views On Broadway

The cast includes Jay Stuart, Amar Biamonte, Marley Madding, Rakel Aroyo, Chris Jumper, Monica Blaze Leavitt, Anthony Logan Cole, Sophia Andreyev and Bryan S. Walton.

Performances begin October 3, 2018 for a limited run.

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The production is recommended for ages 16+.

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