BroadwayCon is "Our Time"


Chris Bouknight

I have a few confessions that I would like to get off my chest. What you are about to hear may shock and dismay you. If at any point you feel rage or extreme confusion, I ask you to sit down, take deep breaths and stay with me. I apologize in advance for those that I hurt.

I am not a traditional nerd. I swear I have tried but it just does not come naturally. What do I mean by that? Let’s take a look at the supporting evidence.

I once called it off with a guy because he only wanted to watch Battlestar Galatica. After weeks of this, I simply couldn’t take it anymore. He was hot and played the guitar so I hung on to that for weeks but in the end it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to compete with Katee Sackoff.

Dr. Who  - more like Dr. Whaaa? Am I right? My friends love this show. Their Facebook statuses are filled with references. I just smile and nod when the conversation turns to the show, wishing I could slip into my own TARDIS.

  • Video Games? Yes! If you’re talking Super Nintendo’s Mario Brothers.

  • Super Heroes? Yes! If you’re talking about Chris Pratt’s abs.

  • Worst of all….even I am ashamed to admit this. I watched them all. Some of them twice and I still don’t get the big fuss over Firefly. I wish I did.

  • You see my friends (although maybe you don’t want me to call you that now that you know my dirty truths) I have good intentions, I really do. The connection just doesn’t come naturally. My heart doesn’t skip a beat at the sight of Benedict Cumberbatch and I don’t laugh easily while watching the Big Bang Theory.

The reality is that I am actually a nerd. I swear. I’m a geek. I’m the nerdiest of nerds but my nerdom heaven is theatre! Oh how I love theatre. Your LARPing is my RENT or Avenue Q soundtrack on repeat. Your comic books are my Playbills. My life is driven by the Tonys, Edward Albee, Goddesses like Patti, Bernadette and Idina. The same way you’ll wait in line for the new World of Warcraft is me at TKTS every weekend. I have always had close friends I could geek out about theatre with but they’ve come harder and harder to find as my college theatre friends and myself are sprinkled throughout the country now. I don’t work in theatre. I’m not a performer or director, merely a lover. In this new setting away from school and working in an office, how could I get together with others who feel the same way, make new friends and all geek out together? I knew one way.

The nerds of the world have always had something I desperately wanted….Conventions. Comic Con. Dragon Con. Gen Con. WonderCon. FanimeCon.

I love getting dressed up. I love spending time with people who share my interest. I love walking around convention centers talking to vendors. I love workshops and panels and more! In college I would attend a theatre convention but now as I’m not in college, community or professional theatre, it makes little sense for me to go. Then a few years ago I read a tweet. Something was coming. The answer to all of my nerd desire dreams.


Anthony Rapp, star of RENT and If/Then, and Mischief Management had created a Con for us theatre nerds. Since the first event, this is become an annual pilgrimage for theatre fans. A weekend where we can be ourselves, talking and learning and experiencing an artform we love dearly. What would be better than that?

So my fellow Theatre Peeps:

Let us unite

Let us dress up (I thinking Yitzhak personally)

Let us break into song in public

Let for one weekend, our nerd, our inner geek come out in full display.

See you at the Con.

BroadwayCon runs this weekend, Jan 11-13th at the NY Midtown Hilton. You can purchase tickets at

OnStage Blog will be attending the event all weekend where we will be covering everything. Our Editor-in-Chief, Chris Peterson, will also be hosting a couple panels. So definitely say hi!