My Five Favorite Show Tunes I Use as Lullabies

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Liz Chirico

Since I last posted my life has turned upside down. In the best way- my daughter arrived 8 weeks ago. Now that I'm starting to understand this new normal I can finally write again. One of my previous articles discussed the songs and musical soundtracks I made baby girl listen to in utero. This first article back highlights my Broadway baby's lullabies! 

Honey Bun from South Pacific.

Strictly speaking this isn't used as a lullaby. Baby girl has colic and I sing this to her in the evenings to help soothe her. Oddly enough it works! Sometimes. Sigh. 

Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.

I swap words to personalize it to baby girl and sing it every night as she drifts off. My husband and I secretly hope that she becomes so conditioned to go to sleep from this melody that when she actually watches the movie, she'll become drowsy at the first couple notes!

Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins.

Yes. It's the second Julie Andrews song. What can I say they are the perfect rhythm and register for sleepy time.

I Have Dreamed from The King and I.

This was my husband and my first dance song which I tell baby girl as we sway each night in the hopes that she calms. 

Steal Your Rock n'Roll from Memphis.

Baby girl is a sweet little thing when colic doesn't have a hold on her. We sing this song during tummy time, when we're out driving, or when she's chilling on the changing pad- oddly enough her favorite place to be right now. 

The best part of using Broadway for lullabies is there's rarely offensive language, I've known all the words forever and I don't mind singing them over. And over. And over.