Moving from Stage to Screen: A Chat with Nicole Vukov

  • Thomas Burns Scully

“The stage was a great proving ground for me. I don’t think I would be doing the things I’m doing if not for all that time on stage.”

Nicole Vukov is an international stage, motion picture and TV actress you should probably get to know. Creator of NV Productions, graduate of the esteemed American Academy of Dramatic Arts, starring roles in such shows as Three Eyes on Pinocchio and Sketch of New York, Vukov credits her theatrical background for her now success on the screen.


“Acting in the theatre gives you such a command of self. Every time you step on stage I think you realize something new about who you are,” she explains, “I feel like that’s the most important thing you need to bring to TV work. There’s so much editing, so much stopping and starting, you have to be your own rock a lot of the time. That’s so much easier after you’ve done your hours on the boards.”

Vukov is all set to bring that knowledge to two huge opportunities coming up. The first being the host of her own Amazon Prime series: Brindiamo! Millennials “It’s really fantastic,” she says, “A little daunting, given that I’m joining an already successful franchise, but it’s very affirming o feel trusted like this.” The franchise she refers to is Ornella Fado’s Brindiamo! Formerly of 25 NYC TV for years, and now living on Amazon Prime. The award-winning program takes a buoyant look at the Italian restaurant scene of New York City, and has featured such guests as Crown Prince of Italy Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. The new spin-off will continue that tradition, but with a focus on the younger element in the New York Italian scene.

“Ornella is so lovely, and keen to give the tradition she has started longevity. It’s daunting to jump in to a space that has a fourteen year legacy, particularly when she is beloved by so many people, but her support has made it so much easier,” enthuses Vukov.

But how does stage training inform hosting? “Honestly it allows me to just relax,” says the new star, “So much of acting is just being present, being there to really hear what the other person is saying and react sympathetically. It’s the same skillset. I don’t think there’s anything better to get you ready for interviewing and hosting than Meisner Technique.”

If it sounds like Nicole’s schedule is full, well, you’d be right. However, this is by no means all that she is up to. Vukov just signed a contract with Cairo Communications to bring a former stage show of hers, The Immigrant Story of a Millennial Dream, to life on TV. “It’s all very fresh and new,” she says in mock hushed tones, “but I can talk about it. I wrote and starred in the show last year at the Prince Theater and the Producer’s Club, we got some wonderful reviews, and well… when we looked at what we could do to take it further… someone bit.”

Again, she credits her stage prowess for her success. “I wouldn’t have any of what’s coming up without a string foundation on stage,” she reiterates, “I mean I have my own TV show because people responded to it so well on the stage.”

She then goes on to impart one final thesis on the subject. “I understand that a lot of people, particularly young people, getting in to the entertainment world want to bypass that step now. They want to jump straight on to the screen, but, at least from my point of view, that’s just so fundamentally wrong,” she says effusively, “I would not have been ready for the screen if I had not had my time on stage. One literally lead me to the other. The stage gives you everything you need to excel.”