Nobodies in New York Ep #20 - These Ushers Are INTENSE


The Brother's Stew present another fun-filled episode with some Broadway news and stories about the nutty ushers they meet in the Broadway shows. A vegetarian and vegan-friendly "Fatty Fatty No Friends" is getting served up at intermission, followed by an interview with the lovely EJ Zimmerman about inclusion in casting and, our new FAVORITE game, "Utter Nonsense". As always, buckle UP!

Nobodies in New York - Ep #19 - "“Nice Chiclets!”


This episode is... how you say, Utter Nonsense! The Brothers Stew interview Matthew Gibson about his time in Gypsy on Broadway and TV/Film work versus acting onstage. The Brothers also introduce a HILARIOUS new game and spout some facts in "Fatty Fatty No Friends" about the unhealthiest fast food chains. 

Nobodies in New York - Ep #18 - Hint of Ass #thebestofthebest

The Brother's Stew and Producer Ringler are back! Hope you folks are ready to laugh because, after a difficult and trying couple of weeks in the Big Apple, this episode is FIRE. Our guest is the very charming Matt Faucher. He talks about his role in "Beautiful" on Broadway and shares how he got his start as an actor. The boys also have a particularly ridiculous "Let's Talk About Broadway" with stories of poisonous shoes and Timothy drunkenly performing CATS... which he won an award for... BUCKLE UP. #thebestofthebest

Nobodies in New York - Episode #17- Robyn with a "Y"


The Brothers Stew catch up after a difficult and stressful week in NYC and California (Tim is still lost in the big city of Sacramento). This episode features Broadway's FABULOUS Robyn Hurder. She talks about her upcoming role in Moulin Rouge on the Great White Way as well as the highs and lows (and I mean LOWS) of her career. Hope you're ready for some laughs! 

Nobodies in New York - Ep #16- “Joey the Turtle”


Even though Tim is, once again, lost in the big city of Sacramento, the boys are back for more frolic and fun. Producer Alex Ringler tells all about mishaps with his childhood pet turtle, the brothers interview ballet dancer and professional photographer, Andrew Fassbender about transitioning from the Ballet World to... ya know... real life... and the NINY team has a sentimental moment or two about how hard the New York audition season can be.

You can also look forward to a junk food inspired "Fatty Fatty No Friends" and a vomit inspired "New York is a Great Big Pile of Stink". Buckle up!

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Nobodies in New York - Ep 15- “Do You Wanna Come?”


After a tough TOUGH week, the Brothers Stew are back! Katie Huff- Yazbeck talks about working on the other side of the table as an assistant choreographer and being a mommy in the business.

The brothers have one last bizarre food combo at intermission before Tim leaves for Sacramento and bring back "Fatty Fatty No Friends". Be sure to buckle up for a loaded and unexpectedly crass "Let's Talk About Broadway".

Nobodies in New York Rewind: Ep. 1 - "Rough Draft!"


From cockroaches to sushi and everything in between, ] the Brothers Stew (Tim and Alex Stewart) discuss life and trials in the Big Apple as well as other ramblings including an interview with Aaron Patrick Craven about his time on tour as Johnny Castle in "Dirty Dancing" and Zach in "A Chorus Line".

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Nobodies in New York - Episode 14- "Sneaking Corndogs"


The Brother's Stew interview good friend Deven Anderson with about his "Usual Rejects" podcast and Staged Parody Drinking Game Show as well as bring back "Fatty Fatty No Friends". The Brothers also discuss ridiculous theatre patrons in "Let's Talk About Broadway" and continue with their favorite new game, "Shategories"!

Nobodies in New York: Episode 13: “Happy Valentine’s Gay(s)”


Broadway's Chris Rice and Clay Thomson are our guests for this V special Valentine's Day episode! The Brothers Stew try a Valentine's Day inspired bizarre food combo at intermission and play a lovey dovey themed round of "SHATEGORIES". The brothers also introduce a new segment, "How To New York"... and as always... plenty of fart jokes...

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Nobodies in New York: Episode 12: “Take Your Zinc!”


Episode 12 is here! Broadway's Jenifer Foote talks to the Brother's Stew about growing up in Sacramento, fills us in on her 12th, yes 12TH Broadway Show, Tootsie and discusses the importance of JUST BEING A GOOD PERSON. Tim shares a story about Jeff Daniels' onstage mishap in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and the Brothers Stew try yet another bizarre food combination... possibly involving their favorite flavor bully, Peanut Butter. 

Nobodies In New York Podcast - Episode 10: WHAT a Segue!

We’re thrilled to announce that the OnStage Blog Network will now be featuring the “Nobodies in New York” Podcast!

Presented by the Brother's Stew, a podcast about the life and times, trials and tribulations of life in the Big Apple Baby... mostly food and musical theatre...

On this episode Season 2 is here! Guest, Mark Mackillop talks about his time on the Anastasia Tour, Broadway Bares and his upcoming cabaret. The Brother's Stew also introduce their new producer, Alex Ringler (#ringerref) and make some changes to the show. Two Acts, one episode and a particularly YUMMY intermission... and lot's of fart jokes... Buckle up!