Actor and Voice Teacher Tyce Green Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Apologizes "I am so deeply sorry"


A prominent theatre performer and voice teacher has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of young men who stated they were teenagers at the time.

Multiple young men have come forward and reported that actor and voice teacher Tyce Green made sexual advances towards them after initially making contact with them regarding vocal training.

Mr. Green, appeared in the musical, Kissless, and has also appeared in regional and touring productions of Spring Awakening, Ragtime as well as numerous cabaret performances at venues such as Feinstein’s/54 Below. Mr. Green is also the founder and CEO of Straight from New York, a company that arranges Masterclasses and audition preparation, often with Broadway’s biggest stars.

OnStage Blog has obtained text and Facebook messages between the students and Mr. Green. We have removed the their images due to their nature.

In one, Mr. Green tells one young man that they need to “hang out right now” and that he “enjoys cuddles very much” and that if the student is ever nearby they can “snug it out”.

In a Facebook exchange with another young man, Mr. Green appears to be pressuring him into texting to meet up and when the young man said he doesn’t have a phone, Mr. Green replied with “u can just say ‘f**k off ur ugly’ ya know?

After not hearing from the young man, Mr. Green continued texting him pressuring him to meet up, even jokingly asking if the he was nine-years old because “I don’t wanna go to jail hahahaha”.

In one final text exchange, Mr. Green explicitly invites another young man to “come over let’s f**k :)”

The young man replies that Mr. Green knows that he is seventeen however, Mr. Green replied by saying “ur 18 I know”.


Rafael Figueroa, a current college theatre student, recalled that Mr. Green sought him out on Facebook and began aggressively inviting him to his residence for voice lessons. At the time, Mr. Figueroa had just turned 17-years old. “I just thought it was weird”, Mr. Figueroa stated, “For someone ten years older than me to be that aggressive in trying to get me to come over to his house.”

After these messages were made public, one of the group members sent a message directly to Mr. Green that read,

Dear Tyce,

I’ve been thinking about how to handle this issue all day, and I was planning on addressing it publicly on Facebook. I am port of The Green Room which is a college group of over 3,000 Performing Arts students. We have all become aware of your constant contacting with teenage boys. And how your conversations between them can go from wanting them as students, to wanting to cuddle them…to wanted(sic) to “f**k” them. We have seen endless screenshots of your extremely unprofessional conversations. I hope you stop this and think about how you are making so many people uncomfortable. So sad to see a performer I respected show so much disregard for others general comfort and boundaries.”


In his response to the email, Mr. Green doesn’t deny any of the accusations. In fact, he apologizes for his “bad choices” that may have hurt or left people uncomfortable.

He states,


Thank you for messaging me.

There are no words or excuses, and I am deeply sorry and regretful for anyone I have hurt or made feel uncomfortable. This is something I started handling and dealing with months ago, actually. These words and behavior are not now, nor have they ever been the core of what I believe in.

But I understand this isn’t about me; it’s about how people feel and their experiences and I am sad and ashamed and sorry that I participated in bad choice that made people feel uncomfortable. No excuses. I am committed to making choices in the future that are conducive with the feelings and boundaries of others, in all ways.

I appreciate you reaching out.


In a statement submitted to OnStage Blog, Mr. Green states:

First, I would like to apologize: to everyone involved in these conversations, their friends and family, and to everyone who relies on me to be supportive, creative, and trustworthy. I want to say more, but the first and most important thing is: I'm sorry. I have the utmost respect for all people, and I am ashamed that my actions have not been conducive to that belief.

I have always believed that, in this kind of impossible situation, we must trust and accept an individual's perspective and reality for what it is. If someone says they are hurt and victimized, we must believe them and hear them and support them and continue to encourage them to speak and live their truth. I am so deeply sorry for participating in actions and choices that led to these individuals feeling hurt, uncomfortable, and victimized. 

For the record, I have never taught any of these individuals or worked with them in any professional capacity. They are not my "students." I do not and have never made any kind of sexual advance or anything remotely close to it in a professional setting. I do not teach from my home and have never "invited someone to my residence" under the guise of teaching. 

My conversations on Facebook and Snapchat were intended as completely social and always under the belief that I was engaging with a fellow adult; I otherwise would have never engaged and certainly would have never made any jokes regarding age. It is not funny and completely inappropriate.

Additionally, pieces of conversations out of context and magnified will always create a certain narrative. These screenshots are partial and omit most of the reciprocal conversation that led up to what is being featured: subsequently responding to a question asked of me, then sending a message at the same time, that ended up layered the way it shows, appearing as though I knew the age and initiated the crass conversation out of nowhere, which I absolutely did not.  

 Tyce Green

Tyce Green

My earlier statement was in direct response to handling and dealing with socializing and flirting within the theatre community, which, at 26, was something I had done frequently with other adults, which can obviously cause conflicts and confusion, blurring the lines between personal and professional intentions. Poor flirtation skills are not usually of interest. I also understand the omnipresence of screenshots and would otherwise never be concerned or worried about a conversation between two consenting adults. Nevertheless, my poor judgment is inexcusable. I deeply regret and am sorry for my choices in engaging in this behavior. There is absolutely no excuse. I am ashamed and horrified and it's obvious why these people would feel uncomfortable and upset, regardless of reciprocation or intention. 

Those who are close to me understand my everlasting dedication to performance in all ways and my lifelong commitment to kindness, communication, and respect. These are all qualities I failed in these situations, and I am embarrassed that this behavior highlights the worst parts of a whole person. 

This isn't about me, though, and that is probably the biggest lesson to learn. My intentions aren't the point at all. Impact is what matters and we need to listen and believe people's experiences. They deserve it, and I am committed to changing and making it up to them.

UPDATE: 4/8/18 - Last night, Straight from New York put out a statement that Mr. Green has stepped down as CEO for the "foreseeable future".


We have also been notified that Mr. Green has been removed from the performance lineup of "54 Sings We Will Rock You" tonight at Feinstein's/54 Below.

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