More Accusers Come Forward Against Actor and Voice Teacher Tyce Green


There are new developments in the sexual misconduct allegations against New York City actor and voice teacher, Tyce Green. In the days since initially publishing accounts from multiple young men who claimed he sexually harassed and solicited them after using his voice teacher position to initiate contact, other alleged victims have come forward with their own incidents involving Mr. Green.

One young man stated that Mr. Green had sought him out on social media and soon after his initial contact, began allegedly sending him explicit messages. 

"Just after I had graduated high school he started messaging me, and at the time, I lived over 5 hours from NYC. He was messaging teenage boys I knew, in the suburbs of middle America, far from where he was, trying to spark up sexual conversations. He asked me to add him on Snapchat, and immediately started sending me nude photos. I asked him to stop, repeatedly. While he was in a public relationship, he would constantly text me asking for unprotected sex."

Another young actor also claims that Mr. Green allegedly sought him out while he was visiting another student. 

"Tyce followed me on Twitter and messaged me. I knew who he was and knew he was an influential figure, so I wanted to talk to him. He told me he would be coming to my home state to see a student and that we should hang out when he was there. He eventually made it clear that the purpose of hanging out was to have sex."

The young man explained that he was hesitant, but once Mr. Green relented and said he only wanted to meet him and say hello, the student invited him over to his house while his parents were away. The student may have expected just a quick meet and greet with an influential theatre professional, but as soon as Mr. Green arrived, his intentions were, apparently, much different than the students'.

"As soon as Tyce walked in the door, he pushed me against the wall and began kissing and undressing me. Before I knew it and before I could object, we naked in my bed. We had sex, wherein he insisted we not use a condom. After, we took a shower, where he groped me and insisting on soaping my body. He then left. I saw him again that night(by happenstance), and we both pretended to meet for the first time."

This alleged encounter could also have legal ramifications for Mr. Green. The young man had just turned 17-years-old when he and Mr. Green had their encounter on January 13th, 2017. The legal age of consent in the state where he lived at the time, is 18-years old. The young man told us he made it clear to Mr. Green he was only 17 but Mr. Green proceeded with wanting to meet anyway. 

He provided OnStage Blog with two screenshots from his online contact with Mr. Green, where he provided his address to Mr. Green.

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In the aftermath of our coverage on this, Mr. Green's masterclass company, Straight from New York, has announced that he has stepped down as CEO for the "foreseeable future". He has also been removed from all upcoming scheduled performances at Feinstein's/54 Below.

We have reached out to Mr. Green for comment and have not received a response. We will update this article with his comments should he respond. Previously, Mr. Green provided an apologetic statement which included, 

"I would like to apologize: to everyone involved in these conversations, their friends and family, and to everyone who relies on me to be supportive, creative, and trustworthy. I want to say more, but the first and most important thing is: I'm sorry. I have the utmost respect for all people, and I am ashamed that my actions have not been conducive to that belief."

We will be posting updates to this story as they occur. If anyone has any information regarding this story or any incident involving anyone else, please email us at