New playwrights and artist alike should strongly consider attending Promote U!

  • Kevin Ray Johnson

As a playwright always looking for opportunities to learn more about how to get their stories out there, I am always appreciative no matter where it comes from when I find outlets that are not only open to new works but also bringing together like-minded artist who are looking for the same thing. That’s why I am happy to talk about the Promote U that will be happening May 17th, 2019.

Promote U Logo!.png

About PROMOTE U: In a digital age where people are being cast based on their social media following and shows are transferring to Broadway after trending and building their audience online, it’s time theatre-makers learned from leading experts how to effectively promote themselves and their shows. And as part of Ken’s #5000by2025 mission, we have launched a brand new conference -- Promote U! The Marketing and Productivity Conference for Theatre-Makers. Theatre-makers covers Producers, Playwrights, Composers, and Actors.

“As an artist on your journey to the next level, “Designing Your Website with YOU in Mind” is the renovation you didn’t know your online presence needed. In the digital age, anyone can build a website. However, not everyone can build a recognized brand or business. To create real-life results, you need strategy and design. By the end of this easy to adopt brand strategy and web design seminar, you’ll understand how to build a beautiful new website (that YOU create), that authentically represents YOUR essence, and is connected everywhere you may be discovered online. More than a “do’s and don’ts” of the internet, be ready to do some soul-searching to refine and define exactly what YOU are putting out into the world. It's perfect for anyone ready to level up!” – Says Tony Howell

The speakers will include:

• Tyler Mount who will present on building a brand.

• Sierra Boggess will talk about balancing social media with life.

• Ryan Scott Oliver will discuss how he used YouTube to launch his career.

• Tony Howell will speak on creating a website.

(There are also several more speakers who haven’t been announced yet.)

“In today's social-driven, image-obsessed society creating your brand and defining who you are online is not only important - it's imperative. With so many easy to use tools at your fingertips, and armed with the secrets of social, anyone can become an online influencer and producer. Join Broadway producer, influencer, and Senior Manager of Social Media for NBC in a conversation on how branding yourself strategically can help you quit your day job, and might even win you a Tony in the process.” - Says Tyler Mount.

I usually do not go out on a limb like this a lot, but I strongly recommend Promote U if you are an artist wanting to be around like-minded people who understand what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to trying to get your work produced.

To register for the conference and to learn more about Promote U please make sure you visit