Dwarf actor slams role 'discrimination' - but another admits 'life's too short'

Two dwarf actors were divided over the issue of tall people taking their roles in today's This Morning debate.

This comes after a Shrek the Musical production caused controversy earlier this week after a 6ft actor was cast in the role of 'vertically challenged' Lord Farquaad.

Deano Whatton argued that it is "discrimination" and dwarves were having opportunities taken away from them.

He believes it "destroys the magic",will confuse children and could encourage people to get on their knees to mock him.

However, James Lusted claimed it was PC gone mad and joked that "life is too short" to worry about it.

The debate hit the headlines when a theatre-goer was so “appalled” by the casting he pledged to boycott the Theatre Royal in Plymouth as he felt smaller people were being “frozen out” of acting jobs.

Deano said: "I think it devalues our ability to be actors. I’ve been in the business for 17 years. To see someone portray a dwarf role takes away our opportunities in life of being an actor. I don't think it’s right really.

"If you took your children to see Snow White and they saw seven men of average height playing dwarves, kids would be confused and it destroys the magic."

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