Instructions From An Expat


Em London

Okay... As some of you may know, I recently uprooted myself from the good ol' US of A to move to Ireland. Why? To study, of course. I am now taking classes at an acting school. For many people, moving usually involves finding a place to live, a new job (sometimes), acquainting yourself with your new surroundings, making friends, etc. For actors, it often involves something else that's even harder: integrating yourself into the new theatre scene. This here post is to help you find someplace to start when you find yourself someplace new:


For those of you uninitiated in the art of research,  this involves going online and seeing what's around you. Look up theaters, workshops, auditions, agents.... literally everything you can that has to do with acting. My first week in Dublin was spent googling and sending emails. I've auditioned for 10 shows, and I have a callback for one of them this evening. It may take a little time (it's taken me a month), but eventually people will start remembering your name and you will live forever (I am NOT ashamed of my tactless musical references).

2) Go see some shows.

Get an idea of what theatre companies do what and see which ones you'd like to work with. Then discover how they go about casting. Fortunately for me, the Fringe Festival and the Dublin Theater Festival are on now. I have shows galore.

3) Take a class.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to start networking (AND make friends!), and see how things in your new theatre community work. You'll find out how other people got cast and learn about acting (or whatever) in the process. Which leads me to point no. 4...

4) Continue working on your craft!!!!!!!!!

This may seem like a no brainer, but I hadn't sung in a month because the walls in my flat are paper thin. I started singing again and glory I sounded rough. This is the perfect time for you to improve and when you finally get your shot, don't throw it away because painting took up your practice time. You can recite a monologue or sing while you're painting, for f***'s sake.

Now based in Dublin, Ireland, Em London still spends most of her her time acting, blogging, and forcing her disgruntled cat to sit with her through musical theater-y movies. You can see more of her work on and follow her on Twitter @LBFActress.