Welcome to the "Historemix"

  • Austin Russell

The theatre scene is about to have a new player slowly but surely making itself known in the American ranks. Developing and mastering itself over across the pond in Edinburgh, and then in London, this show has taken a patriarchal history, and turned it on its head. By focusing on the six wives of Henry VIII, SIX has given a new voice to iconic and influential women, who have seemed to been forgotten in history, outside of their marriage to King Tudor. Through the plot of this show, audiences are able to hear from each one of them in a score that forces all to ride a roller coaster of perspective, style, and genre. 

With music ranging from the pop-icon style in “Ex-Wives,” to the polka-house combo in “House of Holbein,” to the Iggy Azalea-esque rhythms of “Get Down,” listeners get to hear a musical that truly becomes a celebration of femininity. 

This celebration has caught the eyes and ears of critics and audiences alike from all over, with people such as Entertainment Focus stating:

“As soon as the show starts – genuinely – the second we see the six leads (because they are all leads) in all their resplendence we know we will not be disappointed. I say ‘we’ because the rapidity and seamlessness with which this production creates a sense of collectivity among us watching is artful and thrilling – bordering on magic.”

Currently open at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in what is seeming to look like a New York try-out, and with a cast album already released from the Original cast, the cult following of this show is right on the horizon. 

Hear me now. Do yourself a favor. Listen to this show. Get behind it. This show, now more than never, needs to thrive. There is power in women. And the female voice has been shut out for too long. 

This show is going places. And I am calling it now.