Auditions: Prima presents CARRIE: The Musical



Carrie: The Musical follows a young woman with telekinetic powers. An outcast at school, where she is bullied viciously for her differences, Carrie is also lost at home, with a fervently religious mother whose love traps her in its maw. When PE teacher Miss Gardner, kind classmate Sue Snell, and boyfriend Tommy Ross reach out to try and help Carrie, it seems that for once, Carrie might have a shot at being accepted. But Chris Hargensen, the class’s most vicious bully, has other ideas. Pushed to the brink, Carrie’s powers threaten to overwhelm her, and devour everyone around her in flame.

Prima presents CARRIE: The Musical
Director: Drew Der Kinderen
Musical Director: Hayley Marsh

Audition Dates
Sunday 7th Jan 12pm – 8.30pm
Monday 8th Jan 6pm – 10pm

Callbacks, if required, will be on Tuesday 9th Jan 7-10pm

Strathpine Community Centre
199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD 4500

Audition Structure

  • Auditions will be booked four per hour slot. Please allow up to 1 hour for your audition.
  • All auditionees will be required to sing individually and may be given a cold-read script.
  • Please bring a current head shot and theatre bio with you to your audition. These help us remember you during the casting process! These will not be returned.
  • If you are required for a call-back you will be informed no later than 10am Tuesday 9th January.

Audition Preparation

Vocal Audition

  • Please prepare excerpts from two contrasting musical theatre songs in the style of the character you are auditioning for. Please do not present songs from the show.
  • You should prepare approx 16-32 bars of each song (no more than 1-2 mins). The Panel may hear one or both songs at the audition. With this in mind, please make appropriate cuts to your songs and choose excerpts which best demonstrate your abilities.
  • Please ensure you provide sheet music in the correct key, clearly marked with cuts/changes. Please note that no unaccompanied auditions or backing tracks will be accepted.
  • Be prepared to be stopped part-way through your song, and to work with the Director on alternative characterisations.
    You may also be requested to complete a range test.
  • You may be asked to complete a vocal exercise in relation to holding a harmony/part.


  • You will be given a short script segment to prepare briefly.
  • The segment may be solo or with a scene partner.
  • The focus of the reading is characterisation and improvisation skills.


  • You may be taken through a brief movement exercise, given the requirement for physical representation of telekinesis in the show.
  • Please wear clothing and shoes appropriate for movement.


  • Those required for callbacks will be provided with short experts of scenes and songs to prepare.

Booking your audition
ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE BOOKED ONLINE. We will not accept walk-ins. Please go to to book your audition.
Please note all auditionees must be aged 16+ years old at time the show opens.

You will be requested to advise us at auditions of any rehearsal dates for which you cannot be available, so please check all the dates and provide information on any unavailabilities when booking your audition. Availability for rehearsals is an expectation and non-availability will be taken into consideration when casting. The rehearsal period is brief and requires full commitment. If you are already committed to another show, we recommend that you consider your priorities.

Lawnton Showgrounds - 757 Gympie Rd, Lawnton
Strathpine Community Centre - 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine

Rehearsal Dates
Rehearsals commence 11 January; and then run every:

  • Tuesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Thursday 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • Sunday 1pm - 6pm

Additional or extended rehearsals may be required in the two weeks prior to bump in.
A full schedule will be made available at the first rehearsal.

Promo Opportunities/Photoshoots
Promotions and photos will be organised from time-to-time and may be in addition to rehearsal dates/times. We will endeavour to give you as much prior notice as we can, and ask that you make yourself available for as many of these opportunities as possible.

All cast members MUST be available for all technical rehearsals and performance dates.

Wonargo Cultural Centre
62 Flower Street, Northgate

Tech Week
Sunday 11 March - Bump In (all required from 9am)
Monday 12 March - Rehearsal
Tuesday 13 March – TECH/DRESS
Wednesday 14 March - Rehearsal
Thursday 15 March – FINAL DRESS

Performance Dates (please check schedule for required times)
Friday 16th March 7:30pm
Saturday 17th March 7:30pm (potential matinee)
Sunday 18th March 2pm
Friday 23rd March 7:30pm
Saturday 24th March 7:30pm (potential matinee)
Sunday 25th March 2pm
Saturday 31st March 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday 1st April 2pm (all required for bump out post show)

Prima Membership
To be part of Prima's production of Carrie you must be a financial member.
The annual membership fee is $40 and the production fee for Carrie is $60. This includes a refundable $20 script deposit reimbursed upon the return of your script.
You are required to pay these costs no later than the third rehearsal, otherwise your position in the cast may be forfeited.

PLEASE NOTE: Ages are a guide only, please audition for the roles you think you are most suitable, regardless of specifications. All auditionees must be aged 16+ at the time of show performances.

CARRIE WHITE (Female, to play 17)
A painfully shy outsider with a strong desire to belong. Victim of frequent pranks and bullying at school as well as abuse under her mother’s strict religious control at home. She transforms from ugly duckling into graceful – and then vengeful – swan. Vocally, she must be capable of lyrical sweetness as well as fierce power. Requires a special actress with mesmerising presence and extreme stamina as an actor and singer.

MARGARET WHITE (Female, to play 35-50)
A commanding, intense woman of visceral extremes, possessing zealous religious convictions, and almost abusive maternal love for her daughter. Like Carrie, with whom she shares several duets, her voice must range from expressive and melodic to ferocious and frightening. Requires an actress with mesmerising presence and extreme stamina as an actor and singer.

SUE SNELL (Female, to play 17-18)
A popular over achieving student. Her unthinking participation in a cruel act of bullying causes a crisis of conscience that leads her on a complicated emotional and psychological journey to make amends. Smart with just a touch of shrewd edge. The play is told through her memory. Vocally, she has a pop ballad voice that delivers sincerity and strength.

TOMMY ROSS (Male, to play 17-18)
Handsome, popular star athlete, and all around standout. Yet he also has unexpected, quirky sensitivity and is just starting to mine his personal life and feelings – a budding poet. Effortless pop tenor.

CHRIS HARGENSEN (Female, to play 17-18)
Rich, spoiled, and dangerous. Loaded with sexual dynamite, and serious daddy and anger management issues. Her voice is pop/rock percussive: rangy and powerful. Must be an equally strong dancer. Implied sexual content required.

BILLY NOLAN (Male, 20s)
A dangerous, sexy, trashy, stupid-like-a-fox bad boy beholden to Chris’sbidding. His voice is that of a wailing rocker. Implied sexual content required.

MISS GARDNER (Female, mid-30’s)
The girls’ no nonsense P.E. teacher. A tough disciplinarian, Carrie also arouses within her a surprising instinct to protect. Warm and powerful pop belt.

MR. STEPHENS / REV. BLISS (Male, 30’s – 40’s)
A still sexy English teacher and guidance counsellor not quite connected to the world of his students. Doubles as Reverend Bliss, the voice of a radio evangelist.

NORMA (Female, to play 17-18)
A Bitchy gossip with an artistic hipster edge. Norma is second-in-command to Chris’ queen bee.

FRIEDA (Female, to play 17-18)
Sue’s sometime friend. A drama dork, she’s an easy going, get-along follower and a tireless extracurricular committee volunteer.

HELEN (Female, to play 17-18)
A leggy cheerleader. Giggly and easily shocked, her immaturity and need to belong make her the perfect example of the herd mentality.

GEORGE (Male, to play 17-18)
A jock. Preppy. Somewhat unsure. Tommy’s wingman since childhood.

STOKES (Male, to play 17-18)
A bit of a nerd, he’s happy to be sometimes included as one of Tommy’s posse.

FREDDY (Male, to play 17-18)
The wise-cracking class clown and official yearbook photographer, he can’t believe any girl would ever give him the time of day.

STUDENTS/ENSEMBLE (Male and Female, to play 17-18)

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