Why Theatre Camp is Perfect for Kids Who Don’t Know What to Do This Summer

  • Nikki Scamuffo

When I was about to enter third grade, my mother signed me up for theatre camp. Sure, I loved movie musicals and dancing around to my favorite songs, but my family and I had absolutely no experience in the actual theatre world. My mother even told the organizer of the camp that she might not keep me there for long, mostly because my whole family had no idea what to expect, let alone if I’d even enjoy it. Little did we know this little theatre camp would unlock a passion in me, inspiring me to do full theatrical productions throughout my childhood and teen years, and eventually pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

When you’re at a loss for what your child should do this summer: take a risk and choose a performing arts camp.

Many families don’t know what to expect in a theatre camp, especially if they have no experience in the industry. Then, they just don’t sign their kids up at all. I come from an immigrant family, so we did not know any of the real intricacies of show business. That’s why my parents were a little nervous about signing me up in the first place. However, thank goodness they did! Even if you, as a parent, don’t know much about the theatre industry, theatre camp could be a great way to open those doors for your child and family. The more your child experiences and understands as a whole, the better. Even if theatre camp doesn’t turn out to be their favorite thing in the world, at least they tried it and have some understanding of a whole new industry and art form. Don’t be intimidated into signing your kids up, even if you know nothing about the industry.

Allow your child the opportunity to learn. In addition to new experiences, theatre camp will teach your children new skills that they won’t learn in school. For example, one of the most significant concepts in theatre is to take risks. Theatre inspires people to put their new ideas into actions, as well as discover ideas as they go. In all industries, not just theatre, creativity is on the rise. As a society, we crave fresh, new ideas to put into action. The younger children learn this, the better they will be at it when they enter college or the work world. An introduction to theatre, no matter how small, will set a child up for success.

Theatre camp will create more empathetic, creative, and outgoing children, not just more actors. If you don’t know what your child should do this summer, have them try theatre camp. Even if they don’t leave with a new passion for the performing arts, they’ll leave a more well-rounded human being.