Tech Crews Dedicate Themselves to Making Performers Stars

Monica Moore

They never get to take a bow and be adored by the audience for all their hard work. They have a combination of saintly patience dispersed with the ability to complete 20 second interludes of chaotic frenzy doing very important things that are crucial to the success of a show. They spend hours on costumes, set design, building, painting, sound and lighting plots, changing lights, microphone batteries, standing in the dark and the list goes on…...and on.

I’m so glad that they’re having tech week at On Stage. It’s imperative that we thank and acknowledge the incredible dedication and talent that these people give to Theatre. They are the bones, the rocks, the glue that holds the show together and makes the performers better.

In the video clip, you watched some pretty good performers transition from the final rehearsals to the stage. They were better. They were better thanks to the set, the sound, the lighting, the costuming and the makeup. They were better because a small army of strong ego-defying natured humans created, changed and changed again to suit and meet performers needs. They are the Mummy and Daddy of the stage; caring, nurturing,  and supporting the performers to be better.

The third person in this clip sat on the shoulders of the tallest backstage crewman. He was patient, he was incredibly helpful, he put her at ease.  She was over 8’ tall and he did all he could to make her feel secure. He was on stage but was never seen. That is dedication and selflessness. The making of her costume which is predominately made up of black zippers required hours and hours of dedication.

The fourth person in this clip is a hard-working, dedicated performer who perfects his moves weeks before going on stage as you can see in this clip. But his performance is enhanced with the costume, the lights, the sound, the dry ice, the set. 

These selfless men and women survive on very little sleep and do what they do so that you can be better. We MUST thank them en masse, sing their praises from the Gods, buy them some wine, some chocolate, flowers, whatever they like and say thank you.

Tech Crews give life to shows.

Photo: Lied Center