Set Décor; The unsung talent of Community Theatre

Melissia Gary

The walls are up and painted. It looks the a real place, almost. The set décor designers now get to take over and do their magic. They take these painted walls with trim and turn it into a living room or a hospital or a front porch. 

The set décor designers chose every piece of furniture, lights and pictures to match the period of the show. These are the other characters introduced to play their parts. They are chosen to make a comfortable home where arguments are held on a worn couch. Dad’s chair, that’s left empty in the last scene of act two, playing its role as a reminder of loss. They are kitchen tables where mothers and fathers console their children, celebrate the victories or where everyone ends up hanging out. 

You Can't Take It With You Set Design by David Rockwell

You Can't Take It With You Set Design by David Rockwell

Pictures on the walls are used to help define if the place is happy or sad. The presence or absence of a rug or carpet adds to the softness or hardness of the place. 

The set décor designers help make the places real. The give a gift of emotion to the space. They help draw us into the set so that we see it as a real place, somewhere we know.

Thank you to all the set décor geniuses.