Why We MUST Respect the Tech Crew

  • Abbie Harris

I rarely hear anything more ignorant than, “All the techies do is push buttons and get annoyed with us.” It’s so wrong and just plain horrible.

I will admit to having underestimated what it takes to be a theatre technician in the past. Not only the skill, but the amount of sheer drive, love for the craft, and patience that the job requires are astounding to me.

Those people who supposedly just “push a few buttons” have the power to make or break a show, so why in the world would you not treat them with the same respect you’d give your director? How would you cope on opening night if suddenly, the tech crew decided that they just weren’t right for the show, or they didn’t want to share a soundboard with each other? Would you have the first clue how to step in and operate the equipment?

When a technician asks you not to do something, there’s probably a solid reason behind the request. Either your action will damage equipment, or yourself. If they have the job, odds are they received the necessary training and know what they’re talking about. So, don’t go around doing mic drops for an Instagram post, it will damage the mic, and then you’ll be sorry when you must shout your lines on stage, because why should anyone find a replacement for you?

Theatres come alive when they’re filled with light and sound. It baffles me that some do not admire the people responsible for providing such magical experiences for audiences.

How dare we get so frustrated because the tech rehearsal has cut five minutes into our lunch break? If the tech crew can be patient enough with actors who never hit their marks, why can’t we all be as patient with them as they do their jobs like the rest of us?