The Stagehands Project is Raising Money for the Cordova High School Theatre Dept.


This week, we're reaching out to help the theatre students at Cordova High School located just outside Sacremento, CA.

Funds are tight at this particular school and the theatre budget is only about $2,000 per year. That money has to cover for licensing fees, costumes, sets, etc. 

The school is 69.3% Free and Reduced lunch, so asking the students and families for donations is an understandable challenge. However, the theatre program still attracts many first-time performers and tech crews.

Last year, with a generous donation from the American Theatre Wing, they produced their first musical in 20 years. 

The Stagehands Project was set up to be a fundraising initiative for these exact reasons. It's our hope that this small donation will help expand the theatre program at Cordova High School and allow more students to participate in future productions. 

So if you're able to, please help us reach our goal by donating only $1 to $5 this week. If you would like to donate more, we cannot thank you enough.

You can donate here!