The Stagehands Project - Royal Oak Middle School Theatre Dept

This week, OnStage Blog's "Stagehands Project" is raising funds for the theatre department at Royal Oak Middle School in Covina, CA! 

Royal Oak is a Title 1 School, meaning more than 50% of their students are low income, ESL, homeless, or low achieving on state tests. 

Their program puts on 4 fully staged shows (2 in the summer and 2 during the school year). They NEVER charge fees to students during the year, and ask for a $150 "materials fee" for the summer shows, but most kids get the fee waived. 

The "materials fee" goes towards paying for the summer program to be held in their own theatre. The theatre program is the only program that has to pay for those costs. 

It's our hope that the funds raised can help offset the cost of the program so that the the faculty at Royal Oaks can grow their theatre program without asking for funds from families who are already struggling. 

As with all of the Stagehands Projects, we're looking for donations of only $1 - $5 however if you're compelled to give more, we can't thank you enough. 

You can donate by clicking here