Two Old White Guys are Offended by Hamilton....Call Me Shocked

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Not everyone has to love Hamilton. You are allowed to dislike the show for a myriad of reasons. You can tell your friends and family how much you didn't like it. Just like any other show, you can do this. 

But the moment you print those comments or send them off to a newspaper for publishing, then you're entering my world. And if your goal is to have as many people see your comments, it's within our right to respond to them. I believe in Freedom of Speech, I own a blog. I also believe that Freedom of Speech extends to criticizing how others exercise that right. 

Which is why when I see moronic, ill-informed comments published in newspapers, I'm going to say something. 

Take for instance this week when the Denver Post published two letters written to them regarding the Hamilton tour stop. I'll let the comments speak for themselves. Here is the first from Mr. Walt Bonora:

Walt Bonora

Walt Bonora

"All I can say is musical standards in this country have gone into the toilet. I found “Hamilton” to be one of the most offensive shows I have seen. A black George Washington, a black James Madison, a black Aaron Burr, and a rapping and strutting Thomas Jefferson? Atrocious. I would love to see the reaction of our black communities if theater or film producers produced the life story of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. or Frederick Douglass and mounted an all-white cast.

Joanne Ostrow is right about the performances and staging, which are excellent, but the second act drags on and on, and the music is by and large boring. Anyone whistling “Hamilton” tunes?

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show’s creator, hit on something and is making a fortune. So did Andy Warhol in putting junk out to his audiences.

One of the key problems for me, aside from the multi-ethnic casting, is too much subject matter crammed around song after song, not giving the audience time to digest anything.

Walt Bonora, Lakewood"

The second letter is from Craig Marshall Smith: 

Craig Marshall Smith

Craig Marshall Smith

"As I have said many times, one man’s Meat Loaf is another man’s Poison. “Hamilton” is not my Meat Loaf, as it were. Sorry, I am not that open-minded. When I noted The Denver Post’s photo of “Hamilton” touring cast members Mathenee Treco, Jordan Donica, Ruben J. Carbajal and Michael Luwoye dressed as Paul Revere and Raiders, I knew I had been right not to queue for the musical. But I am looking forward to “The Man and His Furniture” — you know, the musical about that fine Revolutionary War patriot Ethan Allen.

Craig Marshall Smith, Highlands Ranch"

Am I surprised that two old white guys couldn't get past the racial casting of the show? Not at all. Hamilton has certainly become an I.Q test when it comes to comprehending various themes in theatrical design and casting and the line of those who do understand it and those who don't usually falls in line with how they feel about racial equality in this country. 

The idiocy here is that Mr. Bonora bought tickets for a show and didn't take the time to look at any marketing materials beforehand to see how the show was cast. Or he's been living under a rock for the past two years. Or he knew exactly what he was getting into and spent hundreds of dollars to see a show he knew he wouldn't like and just wanted to trash it publicly. In either way, all dumb and maybe, a little nuts. 

Mr. Smith took it a step further and refused to see the show because we saw performers of color on stage, instead preferring to see a show about a white Revolutionary War figure.  Which you know, kind of comes off as a bit racist. 

But both men have every right to publish whatever comments they want just as we have every right to respond. 

But yes, Mr. Bonora, to respond to your pretentious, assinine, moronic question of whether people are whistling Hamilton tunes: We don't whistle anymore, we're singing them as loudly as we can.