Profiles of Color: Cinderella Mayo


Gianna Principe

Hey all! I'm here again with another lovely aspiring actress! Everyone meet Cinderella Mayo!

1. What made you want to come to America?

After graduating from college in the Philippines I went to Singapore to find my luck. The entertainment industry is very hard to get into anywhere in the world, I have started establishing myself back home but I wasn’t fully growing, so I decided to try my luck in Singapore. During my first year in Singapore, I volunteered for arts festivals, worked backstage, shows, until I finally landed a job assisting teachers at an after-school drama and art school. I built up my career as a teacher there, but after 4 years of teaching, I lost my purpose - I needed to fulfill my dream. So during the last year, I started looking for intensive courses and conservatory schools. I found out that one of the performing arts school here in NY are having auditions in Taiwan and I just jokingly signed up. I took the risk and left my job after, and here I am. New York was just a dream. Now I am living in it!

2. What do you love most about working as an actress/the theatre business?


 The process and the challenges and the fulfillment you get at the very end. You learn so much from the process if you let yourself open to everything. It is very challenging, you’ll have your ups and downs, your doubts and anxieties, but if you go through everything and accept and learn from it, at the very end you’ll feel fulfilled.

3. What made you want to be an actress?

I think my mom and uncle saw my potential when I was young and have continuously been supportive of what I want to be. They introduced me mostly to singing but have encouraged me to take acting classes when I was younger. As I said in the previous question and I have just realized it a couple of years ago is that I want to be an actress because of the process. The process of creating, acknowledging everything that affects you or not, accepting, and the truth that comes during the process - then the fulfillment that you will experience at the very end.

4. Your favorite show on Broadway and why?

This is such a hard question. My all-time favorite musical would be Rent because of the music and the story, and one of my dream roles is to be Maureen - I am still looking forward to doing  Over the Moon somewhere. My all-time favorite play is Angels In America - Millenium Approaches and Perestroika I fell in love with the movie series from HBO and has seen it a lot of times and I have read the play quite a few times. I have yet to see it on Broadway. My favorite running Broadway musical is Waitress because of its simplicity and really amazing music. My favorite running play IS Angels in America- I have yet to see it! I also love Sweeney Todd because the music is fantastic and because it’s gore.

5. What do you love most about where you live now?

You see every artist. There is so much passion and artistry. Also, the current place I live in now is right across a supermarket, a laundromat, the Kaufman Studios, there are bars and restaurants around, a museum, a cinema, and a park. You step out, sit on a bench and hear people talk about the art. I live in Astoria where it’s very peaceful and family oriented, as well as arts oriented.

6. Any advice for people who don't live in America but want to come and work as an actor!

Follow your heart. Go with your gut but also be practical. America is quite a challenge, but a challenge worth taking. Make sure to bring every piece with you and save some on the side to spare. New York will definitely eat you, but love what you do everyday, love the process. The world is not just made for you as well, so don’t get too confident that you’ll make it in a snap because it’s not how it happens. Live in the now, enjoy the process of life (in general), be kind to whoever you meet, and always be you. You are not created to be someone you aspire to be, you are created to represent you. You will get there when you least expect it. Work harder, play nicely, NEVER GIVE UP!

Amazing Story Cinderella!! Keep living your best life!