The Top 10 BFA Dance Programs in the Country for 2017-18

The end of August is usually a time where college seems to be on everyone's mind. Whether it's incoming freshmen getting ready to move into their residence halls or high school seniors preparing their applications, college is a constant discussion. 

For theatre students, where you attend can certainly have an impact on your career with the type of training you receive. It's also important to note that while each school listed here is excellent, a college degree doesn't guarantee success nor is one required to become successful in this industry. 

Here at OnStage, we take months to research the best BFA programs to come up with our own lists.

We're going to do separate lists for each type of degree field. Let's start today with BFA in Dance. 

Three Reasons Why Your Theatre Degree Isn’t Useless

These perceptions towards theatre degrees are disappointing for a variety of reasons. Obviously, these sorts of comments are far from uplifting.

But the big point I would like to drive home is the fact that theatre degrees are nowhere near as useless as people think they are. Sure, you’re not going to be an engineer or a teacher, but the truth is, these degrees teach valuable life lessons that can be used in other careers and realms beyond those of theatre.

Some of these vital skills learned are:

An Open Letter to My Drama Teachers

After recently becoming a director of youth musicals, I find myself among eager performers of tomorrow, imparting my own wisdom and experience, hoping to inspire enthusiastic and confident new artists, if you will. Until you meet a student who out-rightly says 'thank you for your help', as I recently did, you don’t quite realize the impact you have on budding minds.  It led me to think of all the teachers and directors from my past that have helped me to grow into the performer/director/writer I am today, which believe me, is a long way away from the shy and chubby thirteen-year old that I was.

The DASH Awards

EMACT (Easter Massachusetts Association of Community Theatres) is a great organization dedicated to assisting its member theater groups in various ways. One of which is through an awards program. The DASH (Distinguished Awards and Special Honors) awards are essentially the Eastern MA equivalent of the Tony Awards. I don’t know if other areas of the country have organizations dedicated to recognizing local theater and talent but if not, they should. It’s amazing- here’s why.

Musical Group Under Fire for Body Shaming Email

Before I begin to address this, there is one very important matter - which I boldfaced above - that I would like to address. Instrumentalists, you are not background wallpaper to us, the singers. Speaking as a professional opera singer who has also done musical theatre and concert work, at no point, ever, have I considered the pit musicians anything less than colleagues and collaborators. This is a disgusting statement to make about highly trained instrumental musicians, and I am very sorry you had to deal with hearing it (and for those who have worked there, had to apparently endure this idiocy.)

Despicable Me's Cinco Paul and His New Musical "Bubble Boy"

There’s a new musical that should really get a shot on the Great White Way, and I’m not just saying that because I’m part of the original cast recording. Well, maybe just a little... I mean I wouldn’t complain if the creative team took me along for the ride to the Broadway. Anyway, Bubble Boy the Musical, written by the writers of the Despicable Me franchise, Cinco Paul, and Ken Daurio is that new musical.