Review: "The Good Adoptee” at the Bridge Theatre

Unless you’ve been adopted yourself, it may be difficult to fully understand how it might feel, to have grown up in that situation. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely that people who haven’t been in that situation are aware of not just the emotional challenges, but also the legal and financial obstacles that can come with trying to find out more about your biological family. However, that’s exactly what The Good Adoptee – one of two solo-shows currently being produced by JMTC Theatre – ultimately triumphs in shining a light on.

Review: "Spitting In The Face Of The Devil” at the Bridge Theatre

Domestic violence and abuse has been a painful and far too prevalent issue facing American families. While it is something that is tragic in all situations, it is especially horrible to hear about such abuse happening to young children, whom often carry that trauma well into adulthood. Yet Spitting In The Face Of The Devil – one of two solo-shows currently being produced by JMTC Theatre – shows no hesitation in boldly diving into this important issue, in a very personal manner.

Review: "Lizzie the Musical" at Firebrand Theatre

Unapologetic, raw, powerful, and disturbing in the best possible way. Those are the adjectives I use to describe the first show of Firebrand Theatre’s 2017-18 season, Lizzie the Musical. This all-female quartet tells the story of the famous serial killer, Lizzie Borden, through a punk rock infused score with a twist of humor. While this show is messy in every sense of the word, it culminates into a musical so unique that it defies expectations of what a contemporary score can do.


To see actors who have been well trained in the performance of classic live theatre is indeed a most thrilling experience for any audience. To see actors who understand clearly the intricate nuance of the Bard’s works is an opportunity not to be missed. I had never heard of Groundling Theatre Company before, and when I read they were performing Shakespeare’s LEAR (a personal favourite of mine) I did not want to miss this production.

Review: "Pop Punk High” at the Parkside Lounge

Think back to the early 2000s. If you were a kid or teen during this time, especially if you were with a certain group of kids, you probably remember those years – at least, partially – as a time when flip phones were still a thing, the Warped Tour was still extremely popular, and bands like blink-182 and Sum 41 were in their prime. In short, it was the era of pop punk, and as the title suggests, it is the feeling of nostalgia for this era that the new musical Pop Punk High seeks to conjure for its audience.

Broadway Review: “Meteor Shower”

Steve Martin has titled his new play “Meteor Shower.” Currently running at the Belasco Theatre, the comedy is as broad as the night sky above and filled with just as many stars and enlists the audience members to listen to and watch the actors on stage as they await occasional bursts of comedy that handily counterpoint the intermittent falling stars that stream across the panorama

Review: “What Town? The Musical” at the PIT Underground

As a theatergoer, improvisational comedy has always been one of my favorite genres of theatre. The reason being that you never really go into it – either as a performer, or as an audience member – knowing exactly what you’re going to end up with. More often than not, the result is hilarious and memorable. However, it’s not every day that you see the genre of musical theatre being mixed with improv in theatre, yet that’s exactly what the show What Town? The Musical – presented by performers Katie Hammond and Daniel Tepper – seeks to pull off in a successful manner.

Review: "Bright Star" at The Curran

“If you knew my story, you’d have a good story to tell.” This first line carries over the folk orchestra during the opening number of the Tony-nominated musical Bright Star, by written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. A new production of this musical, which played Broadway last year, now tours the West coast with some of the original cast and creative team, including the powerhouse vocals of Tony-nominee Carmen Cusack. But while this production has a story to tell, some say it’s a story that some have heard before.