Bernadette Peters is the Reason Why There Needs to be Replacement Cast Recordings


First of all, let me correct myself, Bernadette Peters is no replacement. But I brought up this point earlier in the year about how the industry needs to do more to honor replacement casts. While the reality of adding a Tony Award is far off, a slightly more realistic option would be a new recording. 

Who wouldn't want to hear Bernadette Peters' take on one of the most iconic female roles in musical theatre canon? Or Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles sing "Bad Idea"? Or Taylor Trensch's version of "Waving Through a Window"? 

I'm not even saying they have to be complete recordings, maybe just a song or two. It would not only satisfy the fanbase but also promote the show as well, which is a big reason why certain people are cast in these roles, to begin with. 

In reality, I'm sure there are costs as well as legal and union rules that probably prohibit this, but if there aren't, why not do it? 

 Beyond the promotion and making Broadway more accessible to far away audiences, it's an opportunity to achieve what might be brilliant performances of these characters. 

So I would encourage producers to think about right I can hear Bernadette Peters sing "Before the Parade Passes By".

Photo: Julieta Cervantes