Review: 'Something Rotten' National Tour at The Fox Theatre

Erin Karll

OnStage St. Louis Critic

The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis continues its wonderful Broadway season with the musical comedy 'Something Rotten'. Fresh off its Broadway run the three male leads Rob McClure(Nick Bottom), Josh Grisetti(Nigel Bottom), and Adam Pascal(Shakespeare) took the show on the road, very much like Shakespeare's time(the theatre references are starting).

This show is a love letter to musical theatre. Fans laughed and cheered for their favorite references. But it also was hilarious for those who have not seen a lot of theatre. A master class and basic level lesson running on stage at the same time. It was great to try and catch all the references, and see how they advanced the story.

McClure and Grisetti have strong scenes of brotherly love that were equally funny and charming. Pascal was a crowd favorite and had the audience cheering along with the ensemble members. Other standouts in the cast include Maggie Lakis (Bea) and Autumn Hurlbert (Portia). Bea popping up in different scenes when least expected made me chuckle and she had some of the funniest lines. Hurlbert and Grisetti had a sweet chemistry.

The set was fitting and moved with ease from scene to scene. The costumes looked great. I was impressed with the quick change in 'We See the Light'. I would recommend this show for the theatre fanatic and first time audience member. It's a wonder story told in classic musical theatre frills. Check out for tickets and show information while the show is in St. Louis, or follow the tour at