Review: "Avenue Q" at CT Arts Players

(Photo: CT Arts Players)

(Photo: CT Arts Players)

  • Nikki Scamuffo

Wilton, CT - Every theater-goer knows that they’re in for a treat when they get to see Avenue Q, and that’s exactly what the CT Arts Player’s production of the show was: a treat! It’s truly a show that never gets old. I have seen a few productions of Avenue Q throughout my life, but now that I’m a young adult, I definitely connected to the show in ways I hadn’t before. This production was such a journey for its audience members!

It’s clear that director Wil Trebing put so much thought and passion into this production. He clearly did his research on the show; I recognized some choreography from the original, Broadway production, and the set and band were up to par with every production of Avenue Q I’ve seen. The Wilton Playshop was also the perfect venue for Trebing’s passion project, the intimate space made audience members feel like they were apart of the show. Overall, Trebing’s hard work showed throughout this hilarious, creative production.

In addition to directing, Wil Trebing also starred in the show as Princeton. I’m no stranger to Trebing’s passion for acting and infectious singing voice, and he used his talents to create such a relatable, empathetic Princeton. Princeton’s development and transformation throughout the show was so apparent through Trebing’s performance. Samantha Holomakoff was such a lovely Kate Monster. Holomakoff gave the role so much depth while still maintaining the kindness and likeability of the character. She made Kate Monster so relatable to all the young women in the audience. Heather Abrado was such an excellent Gary Coleman! Her comedic timing and infectious singing voice made her stand out. She also added such warmth to the character. I believe that Holomakoff and Abrado could play these roles professionally, they were indeed spot on! 

Paul Goodman was such a personable, goofy Brian. The role came so naturally to him throughout his performance. He made the audience feel like he could’ve been their neighbor! Lena Felix was such a blast to watch as Christmas Eve! Her powerful singing voice and animated performance was so entertaining. Goodman and Felix made such a lovely couple, and the characters’ love for each other was so evident. Andrew Skjeveland did an excellent job as Rod, his powerful singing voice and thoughtful performance did the character so much justice. He also had such great comedic timing.

Overall, an awesome start to my pride month! Jason Wang was an utterly sympathetic Nicky, he really put a lot of thought into the character. He was likable, despite his imperfections, which is precisely what the role calls for! Marcelo Zanetti was a perfect choice for Trekkie Monster! Somehow he managed to make such a gross character also sympathetic and likable. Not to mention his Trekkie Monster voice was spot on. 

Paige Howell-Goodman and Rebecca Gabin were absolutely the backbones of this production! They were so thoughtful with all the characters they played, it was incredible to watch them seamlessly transform before our eyes. Howell-Goodman played one of the Bad Idea Bears, Mrs. Thistletwat, Ricky, and ensemble roles, while Gabin played Lucy The Slut, one of the Bad Idea Bears, and ensemble roles. Honestly, the show would not have been so engaging and enjoyable without their versatile performances.

This production was so funny, disturbing, wacky, and heartfelt, which is precisely what Avenue Q should be.