Review: “Go to Sleep, Stupid Kids” at the Producer’s Club

  • Anthony J. Piccione, Contributing Critic - New York City

New York, NY - As the spring season rapidly approaches its end, so too does the annual season of comedy shows presented by the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, which as of early 2018, I don’t believe I’ve missed a single one of. I’m glad to say I was able to sustain that record for this whole season, and catch one last show of theirs this past week at the Producer’s Club. The concept of this one was an all too familiar one…

Parenting and children!

The concept, which revolved around several children portrayed by adult performers, an aging mother and her husband’s ex-lover turned depressed clown, is yet another example of both entertaining structure and audience-suggested lines that were incorporated into the show that made for a night with no shortage of laughs. The jokes about kids wetting themselves seemed a bit TOO redundant, and became gradually left funny as their frequency went on. Still, as usual, their show was filled with just enough humor that I imagine some might want to avoid having too many drinks at the bar before seeing the show, otherwise they too might find it to be rather “pee in your pants” funny, so to speak.

While not their best of the season, perhaps, it was nonetheless a fun finale to their 2019 series of show, and bound to be something that Millennials and Boomers alike would certainly enjoy seeing. There’s still one more weekend left to enjoy IRTE this season, so be sure to consider checking them out now while you can, before they start plans for their 2020 season…



“Go to Sleep, Stupid Kids” stars Claire Kraus, Natalie Hunter, Sam Katz, Bridget Knapp, Connie Perry, Nannette Deasy, Robert Baumgardner, Jamie Maloney & Isabella Church.

“Go to Sleep, Stupid Kids” is conceived by Nannette Deasy and directed by Robert Baumgardner, featuring technical director Will Knapp.

“Go to Sleep, Stupid Kids” – presented by Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble – runs at the Producer’s Club, located at 358 W 44th Street, New York, NY, from May 31st-June 8th. For more information, please visit