8 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed With Hamilton

Dekontee Tucrkile 

From the moment I learned that Lin­ Manuel Miranda was putting on another musical I was already expecting it to be good. However, after listening to the 2 disc hip­ hop infused ground breaking musical I was forever changed. Here is why this show continues to be on repeat on my iPhone and I am pretty sure you can agree this show is everything.  

1.    Historically speaking we are currently in a world that needs to understand how our country was brought together. I think our generation is disconnected from our history as a nation. We need this history lesson.  The implications of not caring about America’s history are far greater than we think. We need to understand the dreams in which our founding fathers wanted for this nation. This show makes my little history loving heart SO happy.  

2.    With that said this show came out at the PERFECT time. From the music to the casting choices and everything in between. It is satisfying to know that this is a show about yesterday is told by the people of today AND tomorrow. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and of course Alexander Hamilton played by the least likely people. Don’t get me started on how much I love that I see people who look like me play parts that I never imagined they would play. So much internal joy right now. My America today needs this visual. My  America needs this show. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda (center) with the cast of 'Hamilton,'  Joan Marcus

“Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” 

* I am willing audition. I want to be this show. Let's start a campaign to just get me an audition. #Go Peggy*  

3.    The MUSIC is brilliant, well written, character appropriate, and passionate. Miranda’s choice to use recurring musical themes is the best I have ever heard in my life. The orchestrations literally kill me. The melodies are as complicated as the characters. I love the word choices. These characters have important things to say and fight to say them with every ounce of their being. They don’t stop talking until they get their point across and they were willing to die in the process. Especially Hamilton, who uses as his words as main defense. All the rap battles (cabinet meetings) are not only accurate but they are CLEVER AS HECK! All the singers sing with such conviction and command of the English language.  

4.    A. Ham. He came from nothing and was able to use intelligence to change the face of the country. This brilliant man is able to fight his way all the way to the top. Talk about started from the bottom. Also there was so much scandal, drama, anger, love, and hate in his life. I mean homeboy started the idea of a US bank and had an affair AND lost a child AND fought for central government AND basically wrote the federalist papers all in his lifetime. He is basically a G. His story is begging to be told. What did Aaron Burr do? Exactly. Killed Ham in a duel and was involved in some treason stuff. He is the villain in our history books. #Chickpow  

*Don’t get me wrong Burr has so much swagger, but A.Ham wins* 

5.    The Schuyler Sisters. Enough Said.  

6.    This show is stinking innovated. That’s all. 

7.    The characters are fully dimensional. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The music tells their story brilliantly.  

8.    I am obsessed with Hamilton because I am reminded that my dreams can come true. Miranda, just took the idea of producing your own work to a whole new level. I am inspired to work hard and dream big. I am inspired to fight with all of your heart for what I believe.  I am inspired to tell my story no matter how much work it takes. 

Photo: Joan Marcus