When Will "The Play That Goes Wrong" Come to Broadway?

Chris Peterson

For the past couple of years, every friend of mine who has come back from London has said the same thing, "You have to see The Play That Goes Wrong!!!"

After the fourth or fifth time, I had to research what they were raving about. Turns out, they were right. 

The Play That Goes Wrong features a fictional amateur dramatic society attempting to stage a murder mystery, where things, predictably, go wrong. 

The show has been a phenomenon in the West End. It won the 2015 Olivier Award Winner for Best New Comedy, recouped its investment in just 12 weeks and has extended its run on the West End. With all this success, the next question is, when is it coming to New York? 

The fact that it hasn't already is somewhat surprising. Given Broadway's absence of successful non-musical comedies, the timing has never been better for something like this to open.

But given the New York theatre audience tendencies to opt for musicals over plays, even something as good as this, might still be a risk. There were talks of opening the show here in July 2016, but so far nothing has been announced. 

In any case, here's hoping that this incredibly funny piece makes its way to New York sooner than later, we could use a good laugh right now...the election season is less and less funny everyday.