OnStage's 2016 Resolution....Be Better

Chris Peterson

This past year has been momentous for OnStage. The growth this blog has seen is far beyond what I ever thought could happen in one year. We've covered interesting topics, discussed various controversies and highlight talented performers. We've also been able to cover amazing events such as the 2015 Tony Awards and the upcoming BroadwayCon. 

But what I'm most proud of, is seeing that at this moment, this blog is being read in all 50 states as well as 131 countries. That is only further proof that love of theatre is universal. 

So our resolution for 2016 is very simple. We want to be better. 

We want to be better when it comes to writing, how we write, what we cover and how far we're willing to go. 

One of my long time goals for this blog was to create a true presence in the United Kingdom, a region rich in theatrical culture and history. Today, I'm pleased to announce our first step toward that. OnStage has hired a team of writers that live, work and study in the United Kingdom and will be bringing some excellent pieces to this blog from across the pond. 

This is just one piece of the most aggressive plan for growth, this blog has ever gone through. 

I am also going to pledge to take more editorial control of the blog to ensure we've bringing the highest quality of writing we possibly can. 

We will also continue our practices of providing new content every day and discussing topics you won't see on any other blog. 

This site has only grown because of readers like you. I promise that in 2016, you will agree and disagree with our stances on issues. Our blog isn't out to please everyone and it's not looking for fifteen minutes of fame. This blog's only purpose is to get better and better when it comes to discussing all things theatre.

Thank you for an amazing 2015 and I can't wait to see what 2016 brings.