Could We Be Headed For A 'Smash' Revival?

Chris Peterson

To say that last night's "Bombshell" concert was a rousing success, would be an gigantic understatement. The fictional musical from the NBC show Smash was given a one night only concert to raise money for the Actor's Fund, starring much of the original cast of the show. Given the demand (the show sold out within hours) and the social media buzz about it afterwards,  could it be possible we might see a revival of Smash in the not too distant future? 

I spoke with a friend of mine who works for a very well known casting agency and who was at the show, she told me, 

"While the intent was to obviously raise money, there are a lot of people who are going to be watching how this thing trends. I've been involved in more than one discussion about it."

Take that for what it's worth but with shows like Community, Arrested Development, Full House , Degrassi and reportedly The Mindy Project, is it that unrealistic to think that streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or even Crackle(hey, they're owned by Sony) would make a move to revive Smash? While the audience might not warrant a full 23 episode run on Network television, wouldn't a 13 episode streaming release work? Wouldn't you binge watch a new season of Smash in a heartbeat? 

While the final season of Smash was lackluster to say the least, they did set up some pretty interesting story lines in case it ever came back. A new season would show how Ivy manages her Tony winning career and being a new mother, Karen's continued battle to "make it." We'd find out if Julie and Michael actually make it and what new material she could be working on with Tom. As long as Derek is never seen again and Jimmy stays in jail(sorry Jeremy Jordan fans), that sounds like a pretty good season to me. 

As I wrote in an earlier piece, with Glee now gone as well, there is a need for programming like this. We won't know for a while what Smash's original impact was on a future generation of performers, but there is a definite need for a show like this to exist somewhere. 

So if you thought that last night would be the very last time you'd see this cast together, you may have to think again.