The Brightest High School Theatres in the Country - Milton High School

Chris Peterson

Every actor, director, designer, stage manager started somewhere. For many of us, it was in high school. Every year we see thousands upon thousands of future theatre professionals start their journeys on various high schools stage across the country. 

So here at OnStage, every week, we want to honor high school theatre programs all over the country that are making the performing arts, a priority within their curriculum, not to mention putting on some fantastic productions. 

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Milton High School - Milton, GA

What first and foremost impresses me about Milton is the education their students are receiving. In addition to performance techniques, they are also getting training in technology, design, improv and even Cirque.

Milton's production of "Off the Map"

Milton's production of "Off the Map"

In Cirque, students will work as a cohesive team to develop, produce and present a Cirque performance.  As a production class, each student will contribute to the creation of storyline, act development, character development, specific and general tasks attributed to production as well as take on various leadership roles and technical duties. As far as we know, they are the only high school in Georgia to offer such a program. 

Leading this program, you couldn't ask for a more experienced team of faculty. Renee Denney, Larry Smith and Simeon Jones bring a wealth of experience to impart to their students. 

With that training and expertise, it's no surprise that Milton High School has won the Georgia High School Association's (GHSA) One Act Play State Championship 4 years in a row. Dynasty? I think so. 

I also love seeing the support the Milton community gives its theatre program. M.A.S.K is a voluntary association of parents whose objective is to enhance the learning opportunities for students at Milton High School in the Dramatic Arts. Having that kind of support for high school theatre is a rare thing in this country. 

With all of this, students are going onto some incredible performing arts colleges such as University of Michigan, UNC- School of the Arts, U-MN Guthrie and the University of Oklahoma. 

Congratulations to Milton High School and the Milton Theatre Company on all of your successes and what we're sure will be many successes to come. 

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