13 Things All Theatre Kids Can Relate To

  • Sarah Ferguson 

From tech crew to leads, from directors to choreographers, if you’re involved in theatre you will immediately know what I’m talking about. We’ve been teased for our “over-dramatic ways” and our “cult-like behavior” and all the other nonsense non-thespians make up about us, we all know they’re just jealous! Whether you’re a “noob” or a seasoned actress, you’re sure to relate to this list of experiences we all share!

13. When someone doesn’t buy an ad in your program, you take it personally.

12. When show merchandise goes on sale, you just can’t help yourself.

11. You can’t go a single day without coffee… It goes beyond just an “addiction,” it’s your way of life…

10. …Until it gets to tech week in which case, you’re allergic to dairy, caffeine, and anything that’s not Throat Coat.

9. Your stage manager is like the cast mom, the director is most definitely that one aunt that needs to know everything about you and thinks she has some sort of say in your life (she doesn’t- but then again she pretty much decides your future so she kind of does) and the crew kids are like your cousins- you love them, but there’s no need to see them more than once a year. In the end you’re all just an oversized, majorly dysfunctional family.

8. Your costume is pretty much your super suit and you feel unstoppable in it.

7. WHO got the lead?! I’m sorry wait, who is that? You know what, never mind, you’re totally cool with playing GRANDMA!

6. You’ve stolen at least one prop, probably more like five, but come on! That thing meant more to you than life itself!

5. Its “The Scottish Play.” Period. If you call it anything else you will most likely receive multiple death threats and be shunned until further notice.

4. When your director schedules last-minute tech rehearsals

3. Post-show depression is worse than all breakups combined.

2. When your teacher gives you homework due during tech week

1. What happens at cast parties stays at cast parties