Lea Michele Encourages Readers to Put You First

Brittany Strelluf

Lea Michele is an American Actress who is best known for her powerful pipes and her performance as Rachel Berry on the critically acclaimed, Golden Globe-, Grammy-, and SAG-award-winning Fox television series Glee. She has been nominated for many awards including an Emmy, a SAG Award, and multiple Golden Globes. 

I am a big fan of the TV show GLEE on Fox, and I love Lea Michelle’s amazing voice, so I was excited to read her book, You First, in exchange for review. 

You First is a guided journal which is a companion book to Michele’s first book. Her Memoir, Brunette Ambition. Brunette Ambition is an adorable and special memoir I expected a regular autobiography, and was very surprised.

Michele’s memoir has tons of photographs, Q&A sections, recipes, instructions, and anything else you could imagine. It is deeply personal and it really speaks to this young generation. 

You First is more than blank pages. Michele asks the reader, to question everything about themselves. It goes into family tree, your diet, goals, role models, hobbies and relationships. 

Michele forces you to ask yourself what you want, who you are, where you are going, and how you plan on making your dreams come true both on and off stage. 

These books would be a very sweet gift for a young budding actress or singer because it is chock full of goodies and advice for living well in the spotlight. It would make a great high school or college graduation gift for someone studying theatre or film.

Keeping a journal is an excellent habit for a performer to have and You First is a great place to begin to write your story.